2 Corinthians 3

Free to be whoever you want to be even if it’s wrong in the sight of the living GOD. Free to choose whom to serve; yourself and sin or to be chosen for the gift of salvation and the Holy Ghost. That’s right we have a right to choose whether or not we want to receive the gift of salvation and the Spirit of the living GOD from the LORD JESUS CHRIST. We have often heard that we are the only bibles many will read and we maybe the only church one will go to. In the second verse of this chapter the apostle Paul has explained that we are the very letters that will be read by others. We are placed within each other’s care and what is written is not written with ink on stone tablets but by the Spirit of the living GOD on our hearts. We are the very essence of the New Covenant or Testament and here lies the confidence we have not in or of ourselves but in the LORD JESUS CHRIST towards the living GOD. What Moses wrote brings about death; what the Spirit writes brings about life. Now if the law which was written and engraved on stone which once had glory to the point that Moses had to were a veil over his face so that the people would not see that old glory pass away. How much more glory does the New Covenant or Testament bring that will not fade away and that the LORD JESUS CHRIST tore the veil in two? The law which once had glory pronounced the people guilty and sentenced them to death. The promises of the New Testament which has eternal glory pronounce the people free, guiltless and innocent with the promise of eternal life with HIM. Let’s do a comparison; what was made glorious now has no more glory in it but the greater glory which is now does. If the law was so glorious why was it abolished for a glory that will forever last? With this type of hope in the promise we are very transparent our minds and heart are made of flesh. Those that want to remain faithful to the law their minds and heart are like stone. Even today when they read and remain faithful to the law the veil remains intact and they are blind to the truth. For those of us who live in liberty of the promises given to us; free from the law and curse of death the veil has been removed and we can see clearly what and all that we are to see in the Spirit of GOD. Now, if anyone desires to live in liberty completely apart from the law he or she can; all that is required is that we turn our back on the law and the LORD JESUS CHRIST will remove the veil for us. Wherever the Spirit of the living GOD is there is liberty. Now with unveiled faces we can now see the glory of the LORD; we now see that we are being changed from glory to glory by GOD the Spirit.

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