If the organ in our ears are operational than we are hearers. This is not a problem what is a problem is the not listening. It’s evident as to what we are listening to and what we hear. I pay attention to my grandchild and how my grandchild will listen to the electronic devices that are being played with. But the moment something is being said that is not interesting, it’s heard but it’s not listened to. My grandchild can give the appearance that all attention is being given and when asked what was said. Nothing or duh. Yet ask about the electronic device or a song or anything meaningless that does not merit positively and it’s like oral diarrhea. I use my grandchild as an example because I know that so many of you will be able to relate either with kids or someone. After all, this is also you when you are not living the scriptures but hearing the scriptures.

I’ve been saved and a regular Bible reader since nineteen seventy-nine and about twenty years ago I gave up being condemned about not being able to orally quote the scriptures as so many people are able to do. Why have I been set free? Because I found out through the Holy Spirit that I have spent and continue to spend time hearing those that bring forth the Word of GOD and not only that I hear the voice of GOD. I don’t quote the scriptures I live the scriptures. And when someone tries to throw a scripture at me because they are so deep within me I know when a person is misquoting the scripture.

Why are we attending worship service and or Bible study if all we are going to do is hear the voice but not apply what we hear? If we want a change, if we want to see results in our life then we must apply GOD’s Word to our lives. And we don’t have to begin with everything all at once. For me, I began with something very small in my life and once I saw how JESUS moved, I moved to something a wee bit larger. This was helping me in my faith walk, I was learning to trust GOD through JESUS in areas of my life. Now, I just surrender, if I notice that I am facing something that is out of my control or ability to handle I search out a scripture and stand on it. Better yet, become a doer of what I’m supposed to do, it’s not about GOD will do this if I do that. That way of life was pre-crucifixion all the same in post-crucifixion New Testament we are given encouraging words, we are being inspired and we are being instructed. We hear, we don’t listen and for all that, we don’t do the Word.

In order for our faith to increase it is crucial for us to hear the Word of GOD over and over and over and over again and not just on Sunday. If you are employed and are able to listen to a radio or any type of listening device the Word of GOD is what needs to be playing. In the car, the Word of GOD, when you are exercising the Word of GOD. How are we to do the Word if we don’t hear the Word down in our spirit? We do what we know, we do the familiar not the unfamiliar. And the Word of GOD is unfamiliar territory being a doer of the Word will separate the religious from those who are in a relationship. You want results in your life to become a doer of the Word and not just one who sits and hear without listening.    

James 1:22 and Rom. 10:17


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