All of us desire to take pleasure in what we possess or to be satisfied with an experience. We desire to have things that are profitable and desirable. For some, there are those who enjoy clothes, shoes, purses, automobiles, houses, jewelry, money and anything else that fit our desire. But having an abundance or the ability to obtain what others may not be able to possess can cause those who do not know how to handle their blessing to be filled with pride. To not recognize that everything that we possess was not obtained on our own merits but that GOD entrusted us with what we have is outrageous. It burns my biscuits to see people with such a high opinion of themselves that they begin to show contempt towards others who are not in their class. They are arrogant and have placed their trust in what they have instead of in the living GOD who gave it to them in the first place.

The living GOD provides to those who HE desires to have much financial wealth. Just as HE provides us with whatever it is we believe will bring enjoyment to us. The FATHER desires that we find enjoyment in what we desire but HE does not just dole out provisions just because we ask for them. If we have them it’s because HE trusted us to possess them. Some of us will never experience financial wealth because of our mentality and heart. We all have heard of those who obtained great wealth only to die as paupers, this is because their mentality was that of an undisciplined lifestyle. Also, because they placed their trust in everyone or everything else but never considered GOD for their source. Whether we have an abundance of finances or the possessions that we desire to show off our own just to have we must recognize that everything that we have is given to us by Almighty GOD. We all should desire to learn throughout the span of our lifetime and obtaining an education from higher learning institutes is great but is having a degree or multiple degrees, are they worth bragging about? It burns my biscuits when I hear or read that someone is a self-made achiever this is impossible because our strength is limited. If it were not for GOD pushing us to go on who gave us the drive in the first place the achievements that we obtained would never have been made possible. All that we have are temporary satisfaction for this earth. And we achieve not to hoard our achievements and brag about them, we achieve to be a help to those who desire to obtain what it is that we have learned and put into application.

It is a sin to be filled with arrogance and pride all because we have and others don’t. Reminder about the rich young ruler who spoke to JESUS and JESUS asked him to sell all that he had and then follow HIM. Do you recall how sad this made the wealthy young man? He not only wanted to keep his wealth and possessions he also wanted to keep all the prestige that comes along with this class. It’s not that JESUS did not want him to have his wealth and possessions but it is a lesson that shows us that what he had, had him and not the reverse. It takes a rare individual who knows how to share what they have and even a far more rare individual who is willing to forgo what others perceive will bring them total enjoyment to obtain full enjoyment that can only be found in JESUS. Moses grew up in the household of an Egyptian king as his grandson because his adopted mother the princess drew him from the water. Moses had great wealth, the best education, and prestige. Moses forsook all the pleasures of wealth and sin to live in poverty and pain because he knew that they were nothing more than passing pleasures of this earthly life.

It’s great to have what we desire in abundance as long as we have them and what we have do not have us. We should enjoy life here on earth but we should also with discipline and wisdom know how to go about helping those who do not have what we have. We should instruct them on not gaining possessions but how to obtain and share with those who desire to learn and are willing to instruct others as well. What is that quote? “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” Share what you enjoy.    

1 Timothy 6:17, Jer. 9:23, Hebrews 11:25


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