Earthly fathers don’t understand the destruction they leave behind when they choose to abandon their children. Every seed that you plant that comes to fruition is equal to you. You may never see your child but that will not stop the imprint that you provided with your DNA. Without a child, ever seeing his or her father it will be evident that the child has the same qualities of the father. An absent father who abandons his children causes the child to have anger and trust issues. So now, when that abandoned person is introduced to the FATHER, the FATHER is equated with the earthly father. However, on the other hand, the child who has not been abandoned by his or her father and when introduced to the FATHER that person is more receptive to acknowledging the FATHER as his or her FATHER and not just Creator, GOD or the FATHER of JESUS. An abandoned child does not see himself or herself as having the same rights or advantages as the child who is not abandoned by their father. The child that benefited from his or her father enjoyed impartiality of terms realized that they were neither inferior nor superior but the image of his or her father. This unspoken truth between father and child is what makes them equal. And JESUS was no different when HE walked the earth as Man. JESUS knew HIS FATHER intimately without conditions. HE knows HIS FATHER to be just and equitable. JESUS enjoyed all the benefits that HE desires for us to enjoy while we are here on earth as HE did with nothing lacking. JESUS never saw HIMself inferior nor superior to HIS FATHER or anyone else for that matter. JESUS knew that HE shared the same rank, station, strength and such as HIS FATHER. Now we must understand that the FATHER of JESUS is also our FATHER and just as HE was with JESUS on earth this is how HE desires to be with each and every one of us as well. The FATHER is not biased and we need to get close to HIM so we too can see ourselves as being equal with GOD as JESUS did.

We should never see ourselves separated from the FATHER but one with the FATHER. Single in the union, in kind, undivided, the same. After all, we are made in the likeness that is the image of the FATHER. It is so very easy for humans to receive GOD and not reverence HIM. After all, we do warily and unwarily worship false gods. Just watching statues being removed is an example of idol worshipping, not witnessing the statue being removed but the negative feelings that it brings about in our emotions. Why should we care if a statue is up or down if we never bow our knee or speak to it? If we never pay homage to it having these idols removed should not move those who worship the FATHER and reverence HIM. But even proclaiming Christians do not have the faculty of discernment they continue to live destitute of intellectual light from the FATHER. Their conduct and words is a reflection that they are still unable to understand or judge because they do not saturate themselves in the kingdom of GOD. We expect these things to be evident from non-believers because we all were once ignorant of JESUS. We are all born blind without discernment but we are rich in moral depravity. Our spirit is dark and obscure from the understanding of who our true FATHER is. JESUS is ever present yet the enemy eclipses HIS light from being seen by us. This is why we don’t believe in JESUS why for some of us we had to have someone witness to us several times before we saw the light and heard the Holy Spirit calling out to us. The enemy does not want us to recognize the glory of CHRIST because JESUS is the complete image of the living GOD, HIS FATHER. It’s not enough to be satisfied with the knowledge of knowing that we are saved we should want to be the reflection of our FATHER as JESUS was on earth. We have to recognize that we are equal as JESUS was equal to the FATHER when HE was on the earth. We all need to stop short-changing ourselves including me and see ourselves and see ourselves JESUS saw HIMself and do what HE did while HE was on earth. After all, we have the DNA of the FATHER.

John 5:18, 10:30, Philippians 2:6, 2 Cor. 4:4


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