Teach our young people

Titus 2

Let’s admit it. Our young people are not being trained up as we the older generation of 50, 60, and 70 and above. There is no generation gap; the only thing that has happened over the generation is that sin has become much bolder and in your face. Our young males are not being trained to become men and our young females are not being trained to become women. Even in the CHRISTian home our children are buck wild. Yet, we want to concentrate on the nations instead of concentration on the ministry of our home. We need to step up and take control over the sin that has crept into our homes; it will be a wonderful idea to put together a training class where young males and females may come to learn how to become who GOD has designed them to be. There is a way to train those who come and we must realize that they apparently realize that they need help because they are willing to take part in the sessions that is being offered. Remember not to design the atmosphere to be so churchy. Allow the young people to trust and always make yourself approachable. Our young people are facing some amazingly wild things out here in this cold harsh world. Some of what we may not have faced or have not faced until we became adults. Let’s begin with our young males.

  • Sober / not to exaggerate the facts; show self-control and remain rational.
  • Reverent / be respectful to yourself and all others.
  • Sound Faith / speak freely about your testimony as to who JESUS is to you and what HE has done in your life. Speak HIS Word over every situation regardless of what it looks like.
  • Sound Love / affectionate and tender to the concern and well being of others.
  • Sound Patience / not easily irritable; easy to lose your temper; known to complain. Be diligent; persevere; even tempered and caring.
  • Sober minded / have clear concise thoughts that you can articulate to another. Make good decisions that will benefit not only yourself but others that maybe involved. Keeping in mind the ramifications your decisions may cause on all. Your decision must be free from excessive extravagance and exaggeration. Most of all you must be rational.
  • Be a pattern of good works / follow the guidelines of CHRIST JESUS and obey the law of the land.
  • Show Integrity / moral and ethical in your principles.
  • Incorruptible / you are not susceptible or capable of being corrupted by the decay of evil temptation and willing sin.
  • Sound Speech / speak the truth no matter what. Speak the Word of GOD over every circumstance regardless of how you feel or what you see.
  • Well Pleasing / agreeable; pleasant; delightful and engaging.
  • Negative Answering Back / must have the last word; disrespectful answers such as being cynical; bitter.
  • Pilfer / no stealing.
  • Fidelity / make a promise, keep your promise; loyal and faithful.

We must at all times show our love for the Word of GOD who is our Savior in all things.

 And now to our young females who are just as neglected as our young guys.

  • Reverent in behavior / be respectful to yourself and to others; your behavior must be proper in conduct which is pleasing to the LORD GOD.
  • Slander / don’t defame the character of another with false statements.
  • Drunk / know your limitations at all times; if you like to drink an alcoholic beverage. Eat a proper meal; do not take medication and limit yourself to one glass of your beverage of choice sipping on it slowly.
  • Teach / what will encourage another; what will drive another to hunger or thirst for the knowledge of their gift/talent, passion or craft. Push people towards their destiny with hope.
  • Love your own husband / don’t try to change your mate; encourage; ensure; help him to lead. Give him the strength he needs.
  • Love your own children / don’t belittle your kids; don’t ignore your kids; teach your kids how to live according to the Word of GOD; be an example setter. They will repeat what you do more than what you say. Chastise them only when it’s appropriate; hug, kiss and tell them that you love them. Attend their events.
  • Discrete / set yourself apart from idle chatter; lies; gossip; being with people who lack integrity.
  • Chaste / if you are not married keep yourself from sexual intercourse. If you are married and separated and if it is agreed; continue sexual relations with your own spouse. Sex is to be explored and enjoyed between one husband with one wife only.
  • Home maker / society have turned this into such a dirty word. When in reality it’s an honor for a woman to manage her own home. Her husband will provide a house or apartment for her to live in. However; it will be the wife that will turn that house or apartment into a home. Though you may have a career as well; suppose you desire to be advanced in your place of employment. Maybe you have your eye on becoming a Supervisor, Manager or Vice President of a company. What better training ground than managing your own home?
  • Good / be known for your moral excellence; virtue; high quality; kindness; friendly; honorable; of good worth; refined; educated; financially sound; genuine; reliable; dependable; responsible; favorable; agreeable; pleasant; attractive; warm hearted; competent; skillful; clever; social and loyal.
  • Obey your own husband / society has also made this a dirty word. However; if your husband is a godly man; one who respects you; tenderly loves you; takes care of his children; provides for his home; worships and prays with his family. Why not obey him? After all he is the head; the leader of his family. To obey your own husband just means to comply with or follow the instructions or directions of his desires. All you are doing is agreeing with him. When the wife complies to this then the Word of GOD is not blasphemed in the home.

The LORD GOD’s grace brings salvation for All if you want it. We need mature men and women of the Word of GOD to tenderly teach young males and females to deny worldly lusts. We should begin as early as age five because children are facing some real dangers out there and if there is a sixty-five year old man that truly does not know how to be a man of GOD; he should be invited into the training sessions as well. Television; video games; kids in the streets; the admiration of drug dealers and so many other things that I’m not aware of and possibly you also have our children’s attention. We must take our people from the grips of sin and stop pretending that it does not affect our homes as well. The only hope that we have is our blessed hope that is found in CHRIST JESUS who is our GOD and Savior. It was HE who gave HIMself for us all; it was HE who redeemed us from Every lawless deed imaginable. It’s HE who purifies us to HIMself. Salvation is personal but it should not be so personal that we don’t desire to share with others. Stop keeping salvation to yourself and speak about it in the open with heavenly boldness. We speak about everything else that does not edify the spirit of another. Nor does it bring glory to our GOD. There are two sexes born in this world; male and female just because we have reached legal age does not make a male a man no more than you standing in a garage and it make you an automobile. Same with a female becoming legal in age does not make you a woman no more than you putting groceries in your arms and it makes you a shopping cart. http://about.me/amfbministry


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      Thank you so very much for informing the ministry that the light colors I sometimes use are difficult to see. I too am older so I can relate; when I decide to use lighter colors; I type on darker color paper which makes it easy for me to read what I’ve typed. It never dawned on me that the colored paper was not also be transfered with the words. I will let my friendly supportive helpers know that when cutting and pasting on WordPress to be sure to darken the fonts colors to make the blogs easier to read by everyone.

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