I Love Me Written inside a Heart Drawn in Sand

It’s amazing how people break and destroy the spirits of others with their words because they do not value them. Most often this destruction begins in the home and if not it’s encountered away from the home. Today we label it as bullying. Yet, it’s been around for centuries the destruction of what or who is prized and what or who is not. We look at people and evaluate with selfishness wondering what they can do for self, meaning you. Are the pretty enough, do they wear the most fashionable clothes, do they have enough money, do they live in a nice house, everything is based on superficial worth rather than deep-rooted worth. We never regard with reverence who people really are by getting to know them. We are to respect not only others but ourselves as well and not be biased on what we see outwardly and get to know people from the heart. All people begin life with a high worth but a negative life provides them with a low opinion of worth and we call it low self-esteem which is also better known as depression. Let’s take a look at how JESUS was esteemed yet because HE knew of HIS worth HE never allowed others to have HIM think anything lower than who HE is. I’m sure we all will be able to recognize traits that have caused us to feel unloved and unwanted.


JESUS a Man who is all loving is despised and rejected, HE was then when HE walked the earth and HE is now. JESUS knows very well what it feels like to be hurt by others who don’t want to be bothered by you. Especially those close to you. JESUS experienced and still do people ignoring HIM by acting like they don’t see HIM or hear HIM. Some people count JESUS as someone that can do nothing for them. Does this sound familiar to your mind? Can you imagine, GOD has come to the world and walked among HIS people and HIS people did not recognize HIM and they rejected HIM? So if they rejected HIM, dear heart you are in good company because JESUS understands your hurt and pain and HE wants to take all that pain from you. HE wants you to know that your worth is in HIM and that you are wonderfully made and that you are a precious jewel.


JESUS appreciates you, so it’s time that you begin to appreciate yourself. Hold yourself in high regard in CHRIST JESUS and live in HIS peace among others. Salt is a good thing it’s versatile it’s a seasoning and a preservative. For us, we are to be salted in CHRIST meaning that the Word of GOD seasons us which trains us to let us know our worth in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We are preserved in HIM and because of this, it will be impossible to lose our saltiness. No more will our esteem be based on what others think of us or feel of us or say about us. Our thoughts will be based on how GOD sees us because our thoughts will be transformed.

Isaiah 53:3, [john 1:10-11 amp], 1 Thessalonians 5:13, [mark 9:50 amp]


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