Close your eyes for a moment and breath. Think of the greenest place you’ve ever visited or desire to visit. Are you smiling, do you feel a sense of calm coming over you? Good, this is you allowing your mind and body to come to a place of rest. Now, imagine being in such a place as this at all times. Did you know that this is actually possible? Well, it is and I have been experiencing this life of calm and rest for a few years and I tell you, it’s better than going on vacation to get away from it all.

Most Christians claim to have a favorite psalm which is the 23rd yet when I held a seminar a couple of summers ago. I found out that the entire room had no clue as to what the psalm actually meant for us. So instead of going through the entire psalm I thought that I would just cover the second verse because most of everyone is burnt out, stressed, at the end of their rope, and tired. We put far too many responsibilities on ourselves, we have needs and then we have desires. The thing is we are putting our desires above our needs. We need to prioritize our life, get things in the proper order and live life the way the LORD GOD intended for us to live.

  1. Get Saved. Ask JESUS into your heart if you never have. Believe from your heart that HE was born from a virgin birth. Believe from your heart that HE walked this earth. Believe in your heart that HE died, forgives, and loves you. Believe in your heart that HE rose from the grave for you and that HE is now seated at the right hand of our FATHER praying for those that believe in HIM.
  2. Trust JESUS daily. Give to JESUS our daily plans and problems. Speak to HIM instead of speaking to people about them that cannot or will not be of help.
  3. Notice the rest.

JESUS is the good shepherd and what makes HIM good is the fact that HE is GOD. Now shepherds take care of their flock, we all may not have been to pastures where we have seen shepherds with lambs or sheep. But we do watch movies and television so we have seen shepherds via that way. Shepherds look for their lost flock should one stray away, or get hurt. A shepherd will carry the hurt one around its neck/shoulders and mend his lamb or sheep tenderly and lovingly. And always desire that the lambs and sheep’s are out in the lush green pasture to lay down, rest, walk around, and be close to calm waters.

JESUS wants to do the very same with us but we will have to cooperate. We can’t keep doing our own thing, trying to take care of things our own way and expect to have a life that is restful and calm like being in a green lush pasture. When we read and study the Word of GOD we are eating a rich healthy meal every time. But when we deny ourselves of reading and studying GOD’s Word we deny our spirit of the nutrients required. And we have strayed away from the good lush green pasture to some brown, dry patchy land with muddy or no water. We may even be caught in briars or wire fences and have to be rescued.

JESUS is a door. We can enter into HIM and be saved and rescued from sin and ourselves. But some people have salvation wrong, some people believe that it’s all about giving up so much when in fact it’s really all about true freedom in CHRIST JESUS. When in JESUS we have the freedom to go in and out knowing that we are not in danger of what may be out there that could possibly harm us. We are not plagued with worries or cares of this world because we have accepted that we are in this world but we are not of this world. We are citizens of the highest GOD, our home is heaven, not earth.

JESUS is continually leading HIS people, HIS flock to living fountains of waters. We are always at rest on our lush green pastures.

Are you?

Psalms 23:2; Ezek. 34:14; john 10:9; Rev. 7:17


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