What is your reputation like? When your name come up in a conversation, is your character or honor favorable of public opinion? Is your credit anywhere between good and excellent?

These are questions that most people never ask themselves. Yet, the bible has something to say about reputation. In fact, our greatest demonstrator is and always will be JESUS.

JESUS who is 100% GOD who became 100% man. Do you realize the love HE has for us? JESUS stepped off of HIS throne, lowered HIMself to become like HIS creation who is made in HIS image. Left all and more than we can ever imagine heaven to be. HE Left HIS FATHER to accomplish the goal that HIS FATHER desired of HIM. HE never once said that HE is KING and that we were to treat HIM as such. HE never once called on HIS authority or power to prove to the world as to who HE is within HIMself. No, JESUS walked humbly with mankind, having all the wants and needs as we do. Yet, HE when he was tempted to do wrong when HE was tempted to deny HIMself of the pleasures of life. JESUS refused HIMself as a man in HIS will and stood on the will of the FATHER. Even when HIS heart was breaking HE never thought to retaliate to those who hurt HIM. And to those who caused HIM to become angry, again HE did not seek out vengeance but healed those who needed healing. HE never once thought of HIMself above the needs of others but placed the needs of others above HIMself. Do you know what it’s like to empty yourself of self?

When JESUS hung up on that cross, HE was viewed by many as being insignificant and powerless. We know that not to be true because HIS power kept HIM from coming down off that cross. HIS power kept HIM there to take every drop of sin known and unknown to man. In HIS authority and power, HE released HIS Spirit, there was nothing man could do to kill JESUS. But this is what is thought that JESUS was killed on the cross at the hand of mankind. Nada, no, nope, uh-uh. It was not until the darkness covered the earth and the ground shook that the Roman soldier realized that JESUS truly is GOD. But before that, the criminal that hung on the cross beside JESUS saw JESUS true self and because of this, he was accepted into the Kingdom and the other who saw JESUS as insignificant went to hell. Today there are still people who reject JESUS and see HIM as being insignificant, hopefully through the various types of media’s such as blogs, outdoor ministry, ministry tracts, radios, television and the use of various technology. People will hear the truth and be set free from sin and themselves.

JESUS is the One and only One that the FATHER has said “this is MY beloved SON, in whom I AM well pleased. Hear HIM.” JESUS is the perfect servant of the most highest GOD. JESUS is the FATHER’s chosen One and JESUS is the One in which the FATHER finds delight. We too can find delight in our souls for JESUS as well as JESUS will like to be delighted in HIS soul for us. JESUS has the Spirit of the FATHER and when we receive JESUS we too have the Spirit of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Which means that everything JESUS did we are able to do and remember, we do all that JESUS did from a pure heart, and mind. Our motives are based on JESUS and not our own. JESUS is a justifier and we are completely justified in HIM.

Because CHRIST JESUS stepped out of HIS deity to become JESUS the man and actually lived on this very same earth as we do. This very same earth that revealed itself after that great and mighty terrible flood. This is the earth that our FATHER has said HE would not destroy by flood ever again and provided a rainbow in the clouds to remind us of HIS covenant between Noah, HE, and mankind. Those of us who have wide open spiritual eyes can behold the glory of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. And we can also see the glory which belongs to CHRIST JESUS. We realize that JESUS is unique and there is no other nor will there ever be another like HIM. The Holy Spirit placed JESUS within the womb of Mary HIS mother, no human man was ever involved so HE does not have the tainted sinful blood that we do. And no human has ever resurrected himself without the say so of JESUS. JESUS is grace and grace is JESUS. JESUS is truth and truth is JESUS. JESUS is 100% grace and truth and it is impossible for anyone who say that they speak the truth, yet there is exaggeration or just one word or phrase that is a motive to appeal to you or others when speaking. Truth is 100% not 99.9%, truth has no room for deception at all. A 1% lie makes everything we say a total lie. Our reputation, our character, our integrity and our image must be transformed into the reputation, character, integrity and image of JESUS. This is a daily transformation and when we determine ourselves to be as JESUS who left us a wonderful example to follow. Then we will have a reputation without flaws in the eyes of others.

Philippians 2:7; Ps. 22:6; Is. 42:1; Jn. 1:14


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