Perpetual, without end, forever, eternity this is what everlasting is and this is what we will all be someday. JESUS came to earth because HE wanted to bring us back to our original state and place of being with HIM and the FATHER of everlasting. The thing is mankind has to believe in HIM to obtain eternity with HIM and if we reject HIM in our life we will spend eternity without HIM.

There will come the time when we all must die the earthly death. There is absolutely nothing about death that is natural because death is a curse but we accept it as natural when someone that we love has lived a long life and was relatively healthy. But we should never accept that death is natural it’s a sin curse. The second the deceased has died their spirit is no longer with the flesh. Most people believe that immediately we all go to heaven and this is far from the truth. If everyone that dies the earthly death goes to heaven and some of those reject JESUS in their living, why did the FATHER send JESUS to earth to redeem mankind if HE was going to allow active sin to enter into a perfect heaven? It does not make sense when there is no darkness within GOD and there is total darkness in mankind.

Every believer and nonbeliever are both asleep in the ground until the day of JESUS return. However, when that great glorious day comes and JESUS comes again to collect HIS bride, HIS church those who are asleep in the ground that believe in HIM will awaken and burst through the soil to meet HIM in the air and those who are living above the ground will join them. The graves were opened and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised and coming out of the graves after HIS resurrection. It happened before the saints of old were resurrected after JESUS was resurrected. Well JESUS will never be resurrected again but we will because unfortunately, the last curse that JESUS will deal with is death.  

You know nothing new is under the sun and GOD has provided us with all the information if we will just adhere to what HE has given to us. Know that those who rejected JESUS will descend into the bowels of hell and the lake of fire for everlasting torment which was not meant for mankind but this was the choice that was made by not believing when the Good News of JESUS was spoken in their hearing. The logic of JESUS does not make sense but the faith in JESUS does and this is what trips people up. Those who overthink JESUS miss JESUS.

JESUS was put to death in the flesh but brought to life by the Spirit and in this form HE went and made a proclamation to the imprisoned spirits, to those who were disobedient long ago, in the days of Noah, when GOD waited patiently during the building of the ark, in which a few people — to be specific, eight — were delivered by means of water. You heard of the bosom of Abraham of the great Gulf that divides heaven and hell. Those saints of old from Adam and Eve up to the last believer at the time of JESUS crucifixion was in Abraham’s bosom and they were the ones who were resurrected the first time. Those that were left behind from Adam and Eve’s disobedient known child and there may have been more but it’s not recorded up to the time of JESUS crucifixion those are and still are the imprisoned spirits and those who are rejecting JESUS will see them. Today while you are rejecting JESUS you are a prisoner to sin but when you die in sin you will become an imprisoned spirit in hell and the lake of fire with satan and his demons.

Some of you may know what if feels like to be disgraced the thing about this is that you don’t feel disgraced forever. Imagine being disgraced throughout eternity and filled with contempt? Not only will you feel this way towards yourself but you will feel this way towards others and others will feel this way towards you because love is completely absent from that place. Everyone who is dead will be resurrected but the destination will differ some will ascend into the clouds to meet JESUS and some will descend into the bowels of hell to meet satan for everlasting condemnation.

Come to JESUS who is the Way, the Truth and most assuredly HE is the Life but most of all HE is everlasting life. GOD is not mad at you and HE is not sitting up in heaven thinking up ways to destroy you. GOD is not even the one causing all these weather disasters that we see happening or causing our loved ones to fall sick but HE is the one being blamed. The devil is the cause of everything negative he stirs up all types of confusion and he is the god of this world. But GOD is GOD over all! GOD is a FATHER and HE is a good FATHER one who provides and provided us with HIS only begotten SON. Whoever willingly believe in JESUS from their heart will not be destroyed but will have everlasting life in HIM. Because in JESUS we are not condemned but those who refuse to believe in JESUS are already condemned because they don’t even believe in HIS name which is all powerful and HE is the only begotten SON of GOD.         


Daniel 12:2, Jhn. 5:28-29, John 6:47, 3:16, 18


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