Why I enjoy reading the Word of GOD


I do love reading GOD’s Word for the following reasons: to hear GOD speak directly to me into my spirit, to hear HIM answer prayers that I long forgot and for the total enjoyment of just reading my Bible.

Today, as I sometimes do, I said that wherever the Bible opens that’s what I will read, well, my Bible opened in the book of Titus and I was reminded of some things. Maybe what I share with you will be a reminder or new information that will help you as you walk with GOD and our Savior CHRIST JESUS.

According to the faith: Has anyone ever wondered what it’s meant when we see the faith written in the scriptures? Well, let’s see if within your spirit you will agree with this answer. The trust and knowledge of the truth which lead to godliness in the lives of GOD’s chosen people; HIS elect; those who possess CHRIST JESUS and not just profess HIM.

Do you know who is GOD’s elect and are you GOD’s elect? GOD’s chosen; handpicked; plucked away from the ordinary; selected; preferred; heirs; GOD’s soul is delighted in to receive HIS blessings/favor; mercy; predestined for eternal life; recipient of GOD’s salvation; all this and more comes from CHRIST JESUS to GOD’s elect. Romans 8:29-30; Ephesians 1:5, 11

What exactly is godliness? The true revelation knowledge that we cannot obtain through worldly education that GOD manifested HIMself in the flesh. This is heart knowledge and not head knowledge. * See below the character traits of godliness.

Mankind/humans are liars, but GOD cannot lie! Malachi 3:19

We can possess the likeness [spirit] of countries that we’ve never been too or maybe never heard of. In the country of Crete Greece, the people are known as Cretans much like in America, people are known not only as Americans but by what state you are from because in America every state has its own accent and culture. It is known that most people can tell what country we are from once we begin to speak, but did you know that the elect of GOD can tell what spiritual likeness people possess all because we know our Bible and the revelation knowledge given to us? This is the spirit of the Cretans of Greece: they always lie; they are evil beast {brutal, rude, coarse and filthy in behavior and language, un-rational}; they are lazy, and they are gluttons. If you are a reader of my blogs, please don’t get upset with me, I did not say this but the Word of GOD did.

As stated above about godliness, here are the characteristics of those who are not godly. The professed Christian are defiled and unbelieving because they pick and chose what to believe in the teachings of CHRIST JESUS as well, they do not trust GOD fully because they are religious rather than having an intimate relationship with the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. Also, nothing is pure; the mind and conscience are defiled; their works deny CHRIST; they are abominable; disobedient and are disqualified for every good work.

However, the characteristics of the possessed CHRISTian believes all things are pure from GOD.

Mature men are to be:

  • Sober-minded (not given into and not addicted to anything that alters the mind)
  • Respectful and respected
  • Do things in moderation; having limits; not extreme or excessive and non-violent
  • Firm in the true faith of CHRIST JESUS
  • Loving towards humankind
  • Patient towards humankind

Mature women are to be:

  • Sober-minded [not given into and not addicted to anything that alters the mind]
  • Respectful and respected
  • Don’t defame others; speaking lies against and misrepresenting others
  • Teach good things in order to be admired by the young
  • Love your own husband
  • Love your children

Young men:

  • Sober-minded {not given into and not addicted to anything that alters the mind}
  • Show yourself to be the pattern of good works
  • CHRIST like integrity
  • Respectful and respected
  • Incorruptible
  • Conversations that cannot be condemned

Young women:

  • Love and respect your own husband
  • Love your children
  • Be discreet; show godly discernment; be of good judgment rather than judgmental in conduct and with what is spoken; capable of being silent; unpretentious; modest; non-obtrusive and un-noticeable
  • Homemaker -vs- being a home destroyer
  • Good

The grace of GOD brings salvation, HE has appeared to all humans and we can be taught by HIM to:

  • Deny ungodliness – not limited to these; against the inspiration from GOD, against the love from GOD, against praying/speaking to the true and living GOD who rules and against worshipping GOD.
  • Deny worldly lust
  • Be sober-minded
  • Righteous
  • Godly
  • Look for GOD and CHRIST JESUS who is our blessed hope, not as though they are lost but in our daily living

JESUS gave HIMself for us to redeem us from everything contrary, illegal and unauthorized to purify us to HIMself. We are HIS special people be eager to do what’s good in the sight of GOD.

  • Be subject – endure all authorities over self, be obedient
  • Be ready for good works; Colossians 1:10
  • Be peaceable – gentle, humble to all
  • Speak evil of no one

Reminder: we used to be and some of us still are.

  • Foolish
  • Disobedient
  • Deceived and deceivers
  • Obeying our own lust of the flesh
  • Hateful – causing distress towards others

Chapter 3 versus 4-10; awesome read.

  • Learn how to and keep good works
  • Meet urgent needs
  • Be fruitful -vs- fruitless

I’m certain that most if not all of you will enjoy reading the book of Titus again and again.biblereadme



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