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December 15, 2020

Wisdom and our countenance – Ecclesiastes 8:1

The countenance is the extent and outline of the entire face. The countenance is the reflection of our attitude, our mood, and what is within the heart. Our face will show people favor, goodwill, and kindness just as our face will show people anger, sadness, stress, and worry just to name a small few. 

When we are directed by Wisdom, our face will have a glow of radiance which is the Holy Spirit showing off GOD’s glory for all to see. Have you ever seen a woman who was expecting a baby before it was evident that she is with child? Her face has a glow about it that actually remains throughout her pregnancy but instead of people taking notice of the glow that women have the attention is now placed on the growth of the belly due to the growth of her baby. 

An expectant mother has innocence growing within her for nine wonderful months, she has hope growing within her, excitement, happiness, and joy is growing under the heart of the expecting mother. As well as many other aspects of what the LORD GOD is knitting together in expecting mothers. This is the precious time that if we knew the LORD GOD and HIS Glory along with knowing the LORD JESUS we would marvel at women who are with child or children instead of being desensitized because we see expecting mothers daily throughout our lifetime. That glow on the countenance of expecting mothers is most wonderful. It has been likened to the face of an angel as Stephen had, Acts 6:15.

Okay, I have laid the foundation, now let us build. As children of the Living GOD, there are two gifts that cannot be compared to anything because they’re just is nothing better. The first and greatest gift to receive is our Salvation in CHRIST JESUS, and the second gift is to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Once we are baptized in the Holy Ghost we are to ask daily for the wisdom we need just for today to interpret all that we have to deal with in our life just for today. 

We have heard that the eyes are the gateway or windows to the soul {the inner person emotionally}. Our eyes will tell others that we are empty and angry, or full, and content just to name a small few. Well, when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in daily wisdom because we asked for that to be operational in our lives just for today, people will see a light, a twinkle, an openness of approachability in our eyes which is welcoming and people are drawn to us. Wisdom provides the gentleness that needs to be spoken and to our manners of respecting not only ourselves but for others also. 

The Spirit of Wisdom loves to show off because CHRIST JESUS loves showing us off, you know, just as joyful parents with our children, we just love showing them off. Well, it is no different with our heavenly FATHER, HE wants to show us off and HE does this through HIS Holy Spirit. We are to cherish wisdom as a treasured prize because when we do so, Wisdom will exalt and honor us.

And just as Moses’ face had an inner glow as well as Stephen whose face was described to be angelic, so will ours. Spend quality time in the Word of GOD, listening to the Word of GOD instead of the junk that is heard all around us, speak with our heavenly FATHER daily, all day, listen to what HE has to say to you, form an intimate relationship with HIM as we have with our parents, siblings, those that we are dating, and our spouses. Find out that having an intimate relationship with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is far better than the intimate relationship that we have with those that we consider being closest to our heart. By doing this we will discover that getting the success that we all desire will be much easier when we rely totally on Wisdom and the proof will be in our countenance.

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