Why is addiction such a problem?

All anyone desires in their life is peace. People will seek for peace in many different forms that will lull them into a false sense of peace. The enemy’s peace is defined in this acronym.

P – pressure

E – escape

A – availability

C – curiosity

E – emptiness

GOD’s peace is nothing like that. When we turn to GOD for peace this is what we get. Freedom of the mind, soul and spirit. Freedom from distraction, anxiety, obsessions. We become at peace with ourselves, we learn how to keep silent because we know that GOD has everything in HIS control. GOD takes our life which is full of disturbance and creates order. We desire to repair relationships that are broken because we have learned how to love. Looking at the false sense of peace that the enemy provides; hopefully will give us a desire to go after the real thing. 

Pressure: we want to belong; we desire approval from our peers; we are preoccupied with being accepted. GOD has already accepted us. 

Escape: we desire to get away from it all; we are in a state of confusion; no longer knowing which way to go. GOD does not cause confusion and HE always provide away of escape.  

Availability: today we have easy access to any type of drug we desire. Faced with the temptation daily by so called friends. JESUS is our true and loyal friend; HE will stick by us no matter what. 

Curiosity: that desire to know what is it like; thinking that you are different from the others. You won’t get hooked; you’re stronger than they are; you can handle this; it won’t happen to you. Go after GOD and HIS righteousness, GOD answers all questions. 

Emptiness: this is why millions stay on drugs; they have lost their hope. They see no way out; they don’t want to feel the anger or pain that the drug has masked for them.

They’ve lost everything and believe that forgiveness is lost on them and that they can do nothing without being high. They remain in a psychological and spiritual desert. This aimless desperation and emptiness has caused millions to hide behind a chemical curtain, to drown in a sea of alcohol, sexual and drug addiction. GOD fills our life daily with newness of joy, strength, encouragement. HE alone will fill our desires when they are lined up with HIS great desire for our lives. 

Don’t continue to be fooled; false peace that comes from addiction is only momentary at best. The peace of GOD that comes through JESUS is secure and everlasting. 

John 14:27

2 Corinthians 13:11

2 Thessalonians 3: 16

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