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Faith Series XX

Faith Comes

Romans 10:17

June 30, 2020

Fact, this world needs to hear the Gospel/Good News of CHRIST JESUS. What JESUS desires most of all is that every person will believe in HIM, to change the mind/repent, and come to the FATHER through HIM because HE alone is the door which gives to all people the access needed to see the FATHER. This should be the prayer to every born-again believer in CHRIST JESUS. Most people want to do well through their religiosity but find it difficult to do so because in all their efforts it cannot be done when the right way to be good has not been spoken to them or if it has been they refuse to believe. The right/correct way to be good is by accepting the one and only way that GOD has given to every human. People will never be able to get right with GOD doing things their own way. The longer people refuse to accept GOD’s way the longer people will remain miserable and in sin. CHRIST ended the law of Moses which was about performance/work and rituals. People just need to believe in CHRIST JESUS.


Dear siblings, GOD’s teaching is very near us, HIS teaching is in our mouth and in our heart, it is the teaching of faith in CHRIST JESUS that we need to speak to people about. The teaching is simplistic yet, we make it very difficult for the non-believer to come to JESUS because we are not saying what needs to be said. If we must say anything that will lead us up to giving a lost soul the invitation to come to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS then tell people about what has been done for you and be honest. I am so tired of us forgetting who we once were or leaving little tidbits out for fear of being judged. This is what people need to hear our testimony, which will give to them hope, hearing that may cause them to think because you are saved for sure they can be saved as well. Then share with non-believers the simplicity of openly saying that JESUS is the LORD because of belief and faith in the heart that they believe GOD the FATHER raised JESUS up from the dead and let them know by doing this that they will be saved. This is not hard to share, stop all that leading them in the sinners’ prayer nonsense because that prayer is not found in the Bible the Word of GOD. Allow people to speak from their heart, I never repeated any so-called sinners’ prayer and I have been a child of GOD for forty-one years as of this writing. We are to believe in JESUS in the very depths of our heart this is how we become right with GOD and we are to openly confess our belief in JESUS without shame, and so we are saved. Not by any religious formula. Every one of us who place our trust in JESUS will never be disappointed, JESUS does not place us in boxes as we humans do. The baptist goes here, the catholic goes there, the evangelicals there, and so on with all these crazy religious denominations. JESUS also never cares about what color our skin is because JESUS died for men, women, boys, and girls from every color of HIS color skin spectrum because HE is the One who created and made us. It is people who have decided that if you believe this way then you must be placed into that box and if the color of your skin is that way then you must be placed into that box, or if you are financially wealthy then you are to be placed in that box. It is all stupid! The LORD is the same LORD of all people, it is JESUS who richly blesses anyone who will look to HIM for HIS help. As a matter of fact, non-believers also are blessed by HIM regardless of them wanting to give HIM the credit or not. It is very true that anyone who is willing to trust in JESUS will be saved in JESUS.

Now, here are some facts that every non-believer must know.


  • If you are a non-believer and you are praying for anything other than asking CHRIST JESUS to come into your heart, your prayers are hitting the floor, walls, and ceiling. But when you have asked JESUS to come and live inside of your heart then all your prayers of help will be answered but you must be a believer in CHRIST JESUS from the heart, without that we are only fooling ourselves but it is impossible to fool the FATHER or CHRIST JESUS, the MESSIAH.


  • Before a non-believer can be given the chance to believe in the LORD JESUS they must first hear the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. This can only be done when believers in CHRIST JESUS are willing to speak about HIM be it through radio, television, CDs’, DVDs’, social media, or just through general conversation with people. Non-believers will never hear the truth about JESUS from another non-believer.
  • Not all non-believers will be receptive to hear the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. Because we do not like being shot down for telling the truth we allow fear to overtake us and we begin to wonder, “LORD who believed what we have said to them”? Get that worry out of your head and just know that when you tell others about JESUS that they will hopefully come to believe in HIM. Remember, that it may have been more than once that you came to believe after your first time hearing someone speak to you about JESUS it took someone to plant the seed in you then it took many others to water that seed in you then finally GOD received HIS harvest out of you.
  • Faith comes by hearing the Good News of JESUS. And people hear the Good News when others are not afraid to speak about it.




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