For this particular subject, I needed to rely on the dictionary. I knew that this word had various definitions but never gave it any thought as to how many. I’m happy that I did so because the definition that I needed the most that relate to the topic fail is to point out how we have allowed decay, decline, diminish or sinking faith to creep in.

I want to encourage each and every one of my CHRISTian siblings at this very moment. Some of us may believe that because we have an error in our life of faith that we no longer have faith in JESUS. This is not true, however, what is true that the longer we don’t acknowledge that we are weak in a particular area of our life or that we made a mistake out of emotion or that we did something just because we wanted to do it. That is the moment when the enemy will begin to make our life miserable, he begins to speak to us and we begin to listen and from listening we believe. And before we know it our faith begins to fail, we begin to sink and the longer we listen to the enemy the further away we get from JESUS. It’s done so subtly that we don’t realize that we are walking away. The faith we once had is now a memory and we begin to wonder what happened or how did we get here, we never saw that our faith was heading for decline. But now that we are wondering what happened, now that we realize that our faith is all but diminished and that we have sunk. This is the place where we can return, we have not been forgotten, we never really forgot about JESUS. It’s just that we have allowed condemnation and shame to be our garments instead of the garment of praise and thanksgiving. We are to never point and blame and cause one another to feel any worse than they already do. We are to win our siblings back in love, comfort each other through the encouragement of compassion in mercy and grace.

Here is something that I must admit that even I myself just saw through renewed eyes. We are wasting too much time praying for anyone who is not blood washed. For those who are nonbelievers, our prayers should be that they are saved and delivered and baptized in the Holy Ghost in CHRIST JESUS. We are to pray for all the saints throughout the planet earth. We have failed in our assignment and since we don’t know every person in the world we do know our family, friends, and community. This is the best place ever to pray for those who are in our circumference. We are no longer of the world but we do live in this world. This is why we cannot fail to pray for one another all over the world. We are being attacked on every side dear hearts. But the prayer of faith is powerful and they travel at the speed of light. Though we don’t know each other now we all will see one another face to face, and just as the FATHER and JESUS while JESUS was on earth, were one, so too are we all to be. We are to be in the FATHER, JESUS and we all are to be in them, which will cause us to be one. Prayer is so vital because the enemy desires to sift us as wheat, and it’s not that though we may be a person of prayer who has a wonderful prayer life but do you know that someone in a foreign land can be the one who offers up the perfect prayer of protection for you? Or what about while we are praying, the Holy Spirit shows us something in a vision, we may be allowed to share that with the person and then again we may not. But what if we don’t know that person? We are all each others keeper. So let us no longer allow our faith to fail in any area of our life in JESUS. Take a stand to no longer allow the enemy to cause our faith to decay, decline, diminish or sink from this day forward in JESUS name.

Luke 22:32, Jhn. 17:9, 11, 15


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  1. Betty Jo/ The Journey

    Prayers Are Very Vital… Satan Doesn’t Want Us To Pray. Because he Knows What They Will Do. Amen!! Amen!!

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