When we are born we come with a clean slate so that we may learn all the glorious news about our FATHER and how to become knowledgeable of the things of this world in the order to know what is right and wrong. Unfortunately for most, our character is formed into the image of the world rather than the image of JESUS. For some, if a child is brought up in the home to learn about GOD it’s not taught about the grace of GOD but the legalism of GOD. Our spirit is already dead to everything of GOD because we are shaped, formed and birth into sin. So, when we learn all the don’ts and none of the do’s we grow cold towards hearing about JESUS because we know that it is impossible to fulfill the request of GOD based on the law. Most often we contradict the Word of GOD as we grow older in life and we refuse to hear what others have to share about JESUS. Many times it’s because we are trying to cram down the throats of the non-believer the scripture of JESUS rather than our own personal testimony. We are instructed to give our personal testimonies because we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb. None of us are very different from the other. Those things that CHRIST JESUS brought us through must be shared so that when the hearer, hears that we have overcome a negative situation in our life he/she can as well. We most often neglect to acknowledge the work that JESUS is doing in our lives. Which causes the hearer not to want to confess that they are in need of the Savior who is CHRIST JESUS. It takes years to lead people back to the FATHER before the heart realizes in faith that JESUS is and has done and will do. For years we have disowned JESUS in our heart though many do not realize this. We think that because we know that JESUS died on the cross and that HE is good this is acknowledgment enough. Daily, the non-believer actively rejects JESUS by not having faith in HIM to live within his/her heart and to cause our spirit man to live so that our soul is no longer in control of our being. We deny JESUS by not receiving or embracing HIM.


JESUS said that those who deny HIM that HE will deny before HIS FATHER. How is JESUS denied?

  • By not having faith in HIM
  • By not obeying HIS Word
  • By using HIS name through profanity, swearing, and cursing
  • Believing that HE is dead
  • Not believing in HIS resurrection
  • Believing that HE is not GOD

Those bullet points are the only thing I am able at this moment to call quickly to mind. Being a disciple of CHRIST JESUS did not end with the twelve that ate, lived, learned, prayed, and walked with HIM. We who learn through HIS Word, who speak with HIM, who share HIM with others, who live out the grace message within our lives in HIM are HIS disciples. We have chosen to deny ourselves of the gratification of our earthen appetites and desires, to refrain from and abstain anything that is not pleasing to the FATHER. As we mature in CHRIST JESUS we disregard and lose sight of passions we once had and decide to stick closely to JESUS so that we may follow HIM. Our life will become a reflection of CHRIST who lives in us and we in HIM so much so that we die daily to the cares of the world. Are you a closet Christian? Are you ashamed to allow others to know that you are a follower of CHRIST JESUS? Do you worship CHRIST JESUS in secret or refer to HIM as your higher power? Any and all these are forms of denying JESUS. Our obedience to JESUS is a kiss that HE welcomes. The FATHER and JESUS are not looking down from heaven with anger towards anyone. Actually, they are calling those who have not listened to that small quiet voice within ushering them to JESUS. And for those of us who are in the family of CHRIST JESUS, we are happy, fortunate and envied by those in the world because they can recognize a genuine Christian when they see one. They see the blessings and the light that we have all because we have chosen to make JESUS our refuge by placing our trust in HIM.

JESUS is faithful in HIS Word even when our belief in HIM becomes faithless. We do this through anxieties, denying the grace of the Word, knowing what is right in HIM yet choosing to disobey, those things we try to control but lose control, stress, and worry. Though we will deny JESUS as Peter did, JESUS cannot deny HIMself. And so I leave you with this last statement, you are a liar if and when you deny that any and all that JESUS is the CHRIST the Anointed One in HIS anointing. You are an anti-Christ and in doing so you deny GOD the FATHER and the SON.

Matthew 10:33, 16:24, 26:34, Ps. 2:12, 2 Timothy 2:13, 1 Jhn. 2:22


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