Faith-Habakkuk 2:4

By faith we follow HIM who leads to life and victory. By faith we trust in HIM no matter what the circumstances look like. So who is this HIM that leads to life and victory; who is this that we are willing to trust regardless how many times we are knocked down? Let me introduce to some and reacquaint to others; HIS name is JESUS!

Our hearts are drawn towards the promises given to us. We are confident not in who we are per say but in who JESUS is and who we are in HIM. JESUS is pure Truth! In our most difficult times in life we can lean on HIM and HE will not let us fall. In our times of elation we are encouraged to rejoice because of HIM. It is HE who will lift up our head when we have dropped it very low. It is JESUS who will dispatch your angels who have charge over you when you are in the middle of a war zone. Your life is about to be snuffed out and the assailants may take your possessions but they will spare you your life. We are completely and totally dependent on JESUS who is the beginning of our faith. It is JESUS who causes us to live comfortably by our faith in HIM because of who HE is. Who HE is; is the Word who became flesh for me and you; so I act on HIS Word; I eat HIS Word; I drink in HIS Word. I am sustained by HIS Word which has never and will never fail me. So this is why I and hopefully you as well; will live by faith.

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