Free from what

John 8:12, 23-24, 36-37, 41-47

According to the dictionary free is defined as one who enjoys personal rights or liberties. This is exactly what JESUS did for the world; HE freed us from the slavery of sin to enjoy our right to live freely within HIM. Knowing GOD’s Word and living in HIM is the source of all true freedom. GOD’s freedom involves separation from our sins and guilt; release from the bondage of wrong actions; thinking and speaking. To be forever liberated from the eternal consequences of our sins. Free to walk in the knowledge of GOD by having the darkness removed from us. Free to be a son of GOD and to live in the house of The LORD forever. Free to know that when JESUS makes you free you are free forever; you have no need to return to the darkness. However, if you do return to the sins that once held you captive; you will be free to know that GOD has made away of escape for you to come back to HIM asking and knowing that you are forgiven. Free to know that when satan or his demons begin to speak to your mind about your past or try to get you to do anything that is opposite of what GOD would want you to do; that you do not have to listen to him as you did in your past. You are free to no longer obey satan any longer. You are free to be free.

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