Faith in the Lord JESUS righteousness – Psalm 11:1

In the Lord JESUS I put my trust

What should our faith be built on? Should it be built on our own faith? No. Should it be built on our own righteousness? No. Should it be built on our faith in JESUS? Believe it or not, no. Oh, I lost some of you right there. See the thing is that though we do have faith in JESUS; our faith is not always stable. How many of us have quoted time and time again that we are healed only to confess that we have the flu or some other ailment? Ahh, I may have your attention now. Hey, I do it myself; I’m learning to re-speak (that’s not a word but it helps me explain). We are well versed in saying just what we feel and see. But we are not well versed in speaking the language of our GOD who said that we are this or we are that and leave it alone; never doubting or second guessing. When we came to GOD through JESUS we became righteous but we don’t always think righteously; we don’t always speak righteously and live righteously. Yet, that does not mean that we are not righteous; we are righteous because GOD said that we are righteous in our actions of accepting and confessing HIS SON, JESUS. So you see it’s not enough for us to stand strong in our faith alone we must stand strong on the Lord JESUS faith; on HIS righteousness. The FATHER, The SON or The Holy Spirit will never let us down or renege on a promise. However, we will; not intentionally but it happens. This is just one of the reasons we have the grace and mercy of our FATHER who supplies us afresh each and every morning. Everyday we get to start all over again with a clean slate. Not that when we make errors in our life choices does HE hold them against us for the entire day because HE does not do that. We all need The Lord JESUS to guide us; this is why HE is also known as our Good Shepherd; because we would be lost without HIM. Trust in the faith that our Lord JESUS has by agreeing with HIS faith and allow it to be settled there.



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