Align Yourself To JESUS Today

Today is the day that any person who is not a true friend of JESUS should become one. Th

There is no better time than right now. Take a good look at your life; notice what has a hold on you and what you have a hold of. Be honest with yourself in this self-evaluation. Because what you are in love with may not be in love with you. What is your god, just so that you can be clear as to what your god is, it is everyone and everything that you place before the Almighty GOD in heaven. If you are not desiring to have the character and integrity of JESUS you are idolizing another god. If you disrupt your time with The FATHER to deal with something else, you have not prioritized GOD to be above anyone and everything. If you prefer to be in the presence of anyone or anything other than being in the presence of GOD you are not HIS true friend, heck you are not even a friend but an enemy is what you are.

The salvation that we receive from CHRIST JESUS is overwhelmingly wonderful. And once we have begun our discipleship with CHRISTian mentors who are great example setters before GOD The FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. We will begin to understand HIS LOVE for us and how it is HIS LOVE for us that compels us. We willingly will allow JESUS to take control over us entirely. Now, to keep this completely honest, many of us will never give total control over to JESUS all at once. It is a growing and learning process that we must engage ourselves in. We must learn to trust in JESUS totally. And for many of us, this will take time. But the more we release to JESUS, the more deliverance that we accept from JESUS, and the more we will find ourselves speaking boldly about what The FATHER has done for us individually or as a family through JESUS The CHRIST. We are appreciative to know that we know that we were zombies literally walking dead people all because of the sin that our father Adam did. Every human born from the first birth to whenever the last birth will be will inherit the sin of death. This is why as a grandmother I immediately thanked The FATHER in the name of JESUS for my grandchildren and asked HIM to save my grandbabies preferably while they are infants.

How often do people who are not saved think about how JESUS died for them while they are stinking corpses breathing and being animated which we call being alive? The answer is none. People take life for granted, we do not appreciate just how precious life is to each of us. As an active sinner it is impossible to have the capacity to activate the gratitude that we all should have for JESUS who died for each of us so that we would no longer live for ourselves; doing our own thing; doing just what we want to do and not care about the consequences because we never give any thought or in-depth thought about the outcome of what we are doing, feeling, speaking, and thinking. The Bible covers all of this and if those who are not saved were to look up each scripture and find out how GOD looks at what we are doing, will we become more likely to run to HIM for help through JESUS? JESUS The CHRIST was raised from the dead so that we too could be raised from the dead. Being raised from the dead does not necessarily mean that we stop breathing which is known as being dead. Being raised from the dead also includes yet while we are still breathing and can make choices it is the hope that we choose to believe in JESUS so that we can die daily to selfishness and live in CHRIST.

Children [friends] of the Living GOD do not think of people who are non-believers or believers as the world thinks of them. We are supposed to have a different; fresher mindset about all people according to the Word of GOD. Let none of us forget just how we thought of JESUS; HE to most of us is the babe in the manger [HE never grows up]. Or, HE is the crucified JESUS on Easter Sunday who gave to us a false god called the Easter bunny [and is never taken off the cross, still buried, never rose from the dead, and never ascended and took HIS place sitting beside The FATHER]. In my childhood years, I would dress up in my pastel Easter dress, white socks, white patent leather shoes, bonnet, white gloves, and white purse, and off to church we would go or be sent. Afterward, we would go to the National Zoo and easter egg hunt. This is my fondest memory regarding Easter but did you notice that I did not include what I may have learned while sitting in the church service? It is because nothing caught my attention. I heard the words being spoken but never listened. It is the same with most of us we may attend church service but nothing is catching our attention. Well, allow me to correct that what is catching our attention is what another person is wearing; gossipping before, during, and after service; the cell phone which should be turned off from vibrating and ringing tossed and left in the purse or car. This is the time that we have made the choice to give our time to hearing from GOD because for many this is the only time we are willing to give to HIM.

The viewpoint of those of us who are conformed to JESUS is this. We have become new. After all, we believe in the promise that has been given to us which is that for us because we belong, because we are united to CHRIST we are new creations in HIM; old things have passed away; gone; left our focus and all things for us have become new.

This comes from The FATHER. Through HIS SON JESUS The CHRIST, The FATHER made peace between HIMself and us. And has given to each of us the work of bringing others into peace with HIM. How do we do this? Speak about what JESUS has done for us individually and as a family unit. People should see that you have changed and that you are changing. Be kind, friendly, and open, this gets people’s attention. Ask The FATHER what to share and when to share, I say this because most often it will be our character and integrity in JESUS CHRIST that people will take notice of and be drawn to. Many people can speak but most will live the opposite of what they say in JESUS causing JESUS to be crucified all over again. It is oftentimes better to live the scriptures rather than speak the scriptures. Most often people who speak the scriptures but do not live the scriptures show themselves to be hypocritical. It is the hypocrisy that keeps many sinners from coming to JESUS.

The FATHER Is in CHRIST and CHRIST Is in The FATHER. Because this is true then for us individually The FATHER Is in CHRIST, CHRIST Is in The FATHER, and CHRIST JESUS and The FATHER should be within people and us in HIM. Why did I write in HIM The FATHER and JESUS are ONE. And we are to be one in HIM.

We must stop holding our siblings in CHRIST guilty of something that they may have done or said. The moment that we begin to feel a tinge of discomfort regarding a person we should confront that person in private and get clarity about what we heard the person say or what the person did to us. Or, if you did not hear or see the person commit what has made you irritated with that person; be an adult and in private speak with the person and ask if this was so. If the person tells you no take it for what it is worth and give it to GOD to deal with on your behalf. We have a message of peace that should be resounding within our spirit.

We are the ambassadors of CHRIST JESUS sent to speak HIS message of peace; we are the mouthpiece of JESUS CHRIST. GOD The FATHER is calling to the lost through all of us who have been found and rescued from the dead which is satan’s grasp. Convince others to be at peace with GOD The FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.

JESUS had no sin living within HIM as the Son of Man [Mary]. Yet, HIS FATHER in the perfect time which had been set made JESUS become a sin. Notice that I did not write sinful but sin there is a vast difference. Sin is disobedience of GOD’s commands/laws, wickedness, evil, iniquity, perversity, turning away from what is right and good, transgression, wrongdoing, and unrighteousness. Any voluntary transgression of GOD’s divine law, the violation of GOD’s divine command; wicked actions; iniquity. An offense towards GOD, JESUS, and The Holy Ghost. Being sinful is being unholy, tainted with sin. Being full of sin, guilty of being sinful, and marked by sin. So, if JESUS as the Son of Man [Mary] had no sin yet HIS FATHER made JESUS become sin; did not this make JESUS unholy? At the moment sin was placed onto JESUS, HE did become unholy. But know this; it was the sin of mankind that was placed on JESUS. Each and every sin that we can think of and some that we cannot was placed onto HIM. JESUS took the full punishment that we so rightly deserve so that we can be found guiltless and set free from the punishment that is too horrifying to bear. There was absolutely no point in the punishment that we deserve omitted from what JESUS had to take on just for us. The FATHER had HIS beloved SON sacrificed in our place each and every one of us. This was done so that all of us could share in the righteousness of GOD.

After this blog has been read by you, ask yourself if you are a true friend of GOD The FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. If you are honest and can say that you are not, making the choice today right where you are and turn your heart and mind over to JESUS confessing that you are a sinner and that you desire to become clean in HIM. If you truly believe that JESUS was born of the virgin Mary, that HE died just for you, that HE was buried for three days but on that third day HE got up just for you and was seen by many witnesses then HE ascended up into heaven back to The FATHER and is seated by the FATHER’s right hand and is praying for you today in the fullness of your heart. Then you are saved without question, now go and become HIS disciple through the training of a mature CHRISTian in CHRIST JESUS who not only talks the talk but walks the walk in HIM.



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