Faith-Matthew 6:30


Which department store are you rushing to for that so called great sale? How many clothes do you have in your closet that still has tags on them? How much debt are you in that you either have not paid or you are still paying?


You don’t have to be a nature lover to admire that when leaves change colors in the fall all their colors are vibrant and beautiful. All the different flowers with their many variations, colors and scents. The soft green grass between your toes or the sweet aroma that comes from grass when it has been newly cut. None of this can be denied and we owe all this and more to the Creator GOD. So if year in and year out fall, spring, summer and winter comes and goes; animals and insects feed from this vegetation and yet somehow it’s replenished. How much more than will our Creator GOD do for mankind? We are so consumed by the fashions; how we must stay on top of the latest and greatest; that’s insanity. What we need to do is be grateful for what we have so far; take care of what we have and wear what we have until they are no longer wearable due to weight gain; weight loss; donations to those in need; can no longer be repaired or dry rot. The Living GOD has got you; HE is well aware of what we stand in need of but our faith is so little that we waiver in our faith. Stand strong in your faith even if it’s as small as a mustard seed; believe that GOD will not allow you to go naked; find all the scriptures that has to do with how GOD will take care of you and will provide for you. Ask HIM for what you need and wait for HIM to provide. Don’t become anxious because HE did not provide you with what you asked for on your time table. Be sure that what you are asking for is a true need and not a want. So many times we ask for what we want believing it’s what we need. How many of you have ever been in jail or know anyone in jail? The government provides you with what you need and no more.


  • Pant and shirt; jump suit; Khaki suit; scrub suit or sweat suit. One or the other not all.
  • One pair of shoes
  • If you have on white undergarments you can keep those; if not they will get you some (maybe)
  • A pair of socks
  • A toothbrush
  • One pair of sheets & pillow case (maybe)
  • One thin moth eaten blanket
  • Breakfast, lunch (usually a sandwich) and dinner
  • Dental and medical care


That’s it; everyone has the same thing DOC designer wear; same color. Everyone will get powdered scramble eggs if that’s on the menu for the day. You don’t get to choose. You just get the basics; what you need not what you want. You are double blessed if you have enough clothes to wear each day of the week or month before wearing that outfit again. There are some people who only have one outfit to wear to school or work but they will take care of them; keep them clean and wear them again the very next day. They are also blessed because they have what they need; they are not naked. So check yourself carefully before you get it twisted; what is it that you are in need of if anything at all? Has the LORD GOD taken care of all your basic needs so that all you have now are wants? Don’t be counted as one who has little faith. 

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