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It is my desire along with that of my FATHER that all of mankind be in CHRIST JESUS. To continue, exist, live, rest, stand firm and be stationary for an indefinite time only in HIM. How can anyone read this and not want this for themselves? To abide/live in CHRIST JESUS, HE must live within us. We must be able to say just as JESUS did, “I AM in the FATHER, and the FATHER is in ME”. But ours should be said in like manner, “I abide in the FATHER, I abide in CHRIST JESUS and the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS abides in me”.

CHRISTianity is all about the righteous fruitfulness in CHRIST JESUS. When we go to a fruit or nut tree, we expect to see the fruit that it produces. When we go to a fruit patch or vine, we again expect to see the fruit that it’s to produce. Any person who professes to be a CHRISTian and does not bear luscious fruit is not a CHRISTian at all. What it takes to be a CHRISTian is the indwelling of CHRIST JESUS, HE must abide/live on the inside of us and in turn, we abide/live in HIM. Gal. 5:19-21 reveals to us what type of fruit weeds bear and Gal. 5:22-23 reveals to us what type of fruit vines bear. The fruit of a true CHRISTian will be revealed in our temper, disposition, conversation, devotions, and seal/stamp. We must honor GOD in all things, do good, and exemplify the purity and power of who we profess in and who we profess to be. We are disciples of CHRIST JESUS and we must be fruitful in all the fruits of righteousness. That is what it looks like when we abide in JESUS and JESUS abides in us. How many of you understand what conditions are? Well, if you are unclear let me help you out. The condition, the term of a contract/covenant; a stipulation; an established proposal. Conditions most often are proceeded with “if”. “If” is a sign of a condition, it introduces the fact that what is coming next is a condition. In other words, it’s a pro and con; if you do this then you will get that. Plain and simple this is legalism. When we read the words of the gospel during the time that JESUS lived here on earth, HE, lived and obeyed perfectly the conditions of the Ten Commandments and the Law of Moses that were attached, all six hundred and thirteen of them. JESUS also demonstrated and taught how we were to fulfill each. When JESUS spoke conditionally, HE was speaking as Man who is under the law. JESUS was subject to the regulations of the Law, Gal. 4:4. So, in understanding this and because we have studied the Law, we know that in the Old Testament, GOD would provide with conditions. Because the Law has no grace to demonstrate how we are to remain obedient to what we were to perform. Now, JESUS is our demonstrator, though HE spoke about abiding in HIM conditionally, HE taught us how to love unconditionally and how we are able to be obedient in and through HIM. We’ve heard HIM tell us about HIS Holy Spirit that HE would give to us so that we will not be left comfortless and powerless although we are saved in HIM. It is through HIS Holy Spirit that we have the power to overcome those conditions that HE spoke of. The verse in John 15:7 should cause the children of GOD to ponder that for a while, we should ask ourselves the question “how is it possible to abide in JESUS and HE not abide in us?” It’s impossible. So, because this is impossible to be, why does JESUS say; “if you abide in me and I in you?” Again, I believe this bears repeating, any person who professes to be a CHRISTian and does not bear luscious fruit is not a CHRISTian at all because it is impossible to bear the fruit of righteousness when JESUS and HIS Word is not in us and we are not in JESUS and HIS Word. Do you know what the Commandment of CHRIST JESUS is that we are to actually obey? Or, are we still trying to commit to memory the Ten Commandments and not being able to obey them because we are missing the main ingredient required? JESUS CHRIST left us with this one commandment of HIS that will cause us to live accordingly to the Ten Commandments. We are to abide in this commandment “I [JESUS] give you a new commandment: that you should love one another. Just as I [JESUS] have loved you, so you too should love one another. When we abide in this commandment then we will fulfill the Law. Also, in our abiding in love through CHRIST JESUS we have the following; faith, hope and love the greatest being love.

Our strength comes from our abiding in GOD’s Word and HIS Word abiding within us. Though development of muscle is great for the physical how much more do we realize that our flexibility and muscle mass is being greatly developed when we are abiding in the Word of GOD? Finally, I leave with you that we are to allow Truth/JESUS to abide within us and in this union, we will eternally abide in the FATHER and in the SON.

John 15:5, 7, 10; 1 Cor. 13:13; 1 Jhn. 2:14, 24


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