Faith-Psalms 37:3

Believe me when I tell you that you can trust the LORD GOD. Any good that we do will be through CHRIST JESUS because there is no one that is good but the LORD GOD Most High. We must learn to stop trusting in ourselves; what we are capable to do. The only thing we are capable of is being misled and sinful. Just as a car requires gasoline to run and the human body requires food for energy. The Word of GOD is our fuel source that increases our faith in GOD. We have to stop trying to be the Lone Ranger because even he had Tonto. We must learn to become dependent on our DADDY; being independent is only right in our eyes alone. But when we live and feed on the faithfulness of the LORD GOD we are nourished with a food and a drink that is more satisfying to the soul than we could have ever imagined. We will not have a need to look for the next big fix to create happiness within us. We will be filled with an unspeakable joy that will remain even when there is turmoil going on all around us. This type of relationship in CHRIST JESUS that causes us to trust in such a manner that is ridiculous to the average person is really a delight to us because we have an assurance that our DADDY will care for us in every way. Our life is not based on worldly abundance but on the promises from the Kingdom of GOD as HE alone supplies our every need. Remember the faith walk is not that of sight but strictly based on the faith of following the Word of GOD completely. We are being changed day by day because we had faith in the Word of GOD that we would not remain the same because of CHRIST JESUS and if you are a true believer than I know that you must agree with me that because of your faith you have noticed a wonderful change that has taken place within your life. And so has those that knew you when. So don’t give up hope when it appears that your back is up against a wall because in reality it’s not; JESUS has your back which means that JESUS has you covered. Keep the faith. 

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