How serious is sin?

Well, let’s look at the beginning of sin. Genesis 3:1-6, 11-13; take notice of a few things.

1.    The moment the serpent began to speak; Eve should have known something was wrong instead of standing their conversation with it.

2.   GOD never told Adam that he or his wife could not touch the fruit of the tree.

3.   Adam and Eve were already like GOD because they were created in HIS image. GOD spoke to them daily so anything they wanted to know all they had to do was ask.

4.   Lust crept into Eve because she looked too long at something she was not to have and began to have thoughts about; what if.

5.   Adam was not somewhere else while this was going on; he was right there with her. As husband and head; he was to take dominion over the entire situation. GOD had instructed him well and he in turn was teaching his wife. So all that Adam knew; Eve knew as well. GOD did not leave Eve out in the cold when he communed with Adam once she was formed from Adam’s rib. She was included in the conversations.

6.   The blame game begins; we never want to take responsibility for our own mistakes, shortcomings or crimes. Instead we find an escape goat; we want to put the blame on anyone else but where the blame belongs; self.

7.   The action Eve took goes to show that had Adam spoke up when he should have; Eve would have obeyed. Adam pointed the finger at GOD; so Eve pointed the finger at the serpent.

This is where and when the trouble began for all mankind and all it’s done throughout every generation from Adam is escalate. When GOD wrote the 10 commandments, HE wrote them with a purpose of showing man their unrighteousness. It’s the same analogy used today; when the speed sign reads 25 miles per hour and we drive 35 miles per hour; not only are we breaking the law but it shows us that we are wrong. The 10 commandments are a great measuring rod for asking ourselves the question; have I broken just one of these laws which are an act of sin? If you will be truthful with yourself the answer would be yes. Then the next thing we must realize is that we do need JESUS in our lives so that HE can retrain us from sin to righteousness. We will begin to grown in love with HIM and HIS Word and we will want to do what pleases HIM because it becomes pleasurable to self.  Sin is never to be analyzed or compromised but penalized. Sin is not something that we need to be introduced to or taught; we are sinful by nature. Take a look at your cute adorable child; do you remember the first time they went against you; lied to you or took something that did not belong to them? Hard to accept I know but that is sin showing up. Let’s get real, sin is fun; it gives us pleasure but all that is short-lived. How many of you stole anything; got away with it and found it to be a rush? Now how many of you sat in jail because that sin finally caught up with you? How many of you took your first alcohol drink and enjoyed the buzz you got from it? Now time has gone by and you can’t make it through another hour, day, month or year without a drink? How many of you spend your last dollar on clothes, shoes, drugs, at the gambling casinos in person or online but neglect your home or family duties to pay your expenses; now you’ve lost everything? How many of you saw a person who was very attractive, you never got to really know that person, did not marry that person, now you have a venereal disease or a baby out-of-wedlock? I could go on but you get the picture; sin is not a game; its arsenic, its cyanide it will either destroy you or kill you. For your personal self you will have to recognize what traps you and learn to avoid them. Sin does not always come at us strong and recognizable; it can be very subtle; this is why we must look and see; listen and evaluate. Every kick has a kick back. Sin fascinates then assassinates; thrills then kills, enjoys then destroys. Your sin will eventually make a spectacle out of you. So now that you have gotten a taste if sin is serious or not; what will you do? What decision will you make? Will you keep playing Russia roulette with your life or will you accept JESUS as your Savior?

Exodus 20:1-17; Number 32:23; Matthew 7:12; Acts 13:38-29; Romans 3:23; 6:23; 12:22; Galatians 6:7-8; Hebrews 9:22; 11:24-25; 2 Timothy 2:26; James 2:8-10; 4: 17; 1 John 3:4; 5:17.

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