Faith Series VII-Believe in the name of JESUS

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June 8, 2020

Faith in the name of JESUS
Acts 3:16

Throughout all the previous blogs which have been posted, I have tried and hopefully explained what faith in the name of JESUS entails.  Allow me to remind you how faith in anything operates, how we believe, rely on, and trust in, those things that we demonstrate our loyalty to.


We all need to take inventory of our life and ask GOD/FATHER to reveal to us what, where and who we are placing those five levels that I have written for us to take a closer look and be truthful of the fact that unknown idol-worshipping has been going on in our life. What do we give our quality of attention to? Who do we give our quality of attention to? Here are just a few most common false gods that we idolize and do not know that this is going on within our life.

Smoking (cigarettes, marijuana, meth, crack, cigar, pipe, etc.)
Work (workaholic)
Alcohol consumption
People (anyone whose life you adore, envy, must-read about, listen to, be around)

And the list can go on and on, however, you get the gist of who and or what we have faith in above our faith in JESUS or HIS name. 

Our devotion to JESUS will show that we have been consecrated, dedicated, and set apart to HIM. We will begin to yield our heart to HIM by giving our quality of attention to JESUS. We must have a personal and confident trust in JESUS. Much like or better yet above those things and those people that we have a personal and confidential trust in. The name of JESUS has the authority and power HIS name is all-powerful, HIS name, when used through faith in HIM, will cause all or whichever promises HE has provided to be revealed regardless of why meaning if we want the promises that will cause of life to be less stressful than we must find that scripture or scriptures that will do that for us. If we have a need or needs then again we must find the scripture or scriptures that will fulfill that need.

There is no better time than today to believe in, rely on, and trust in the name of JESUS.
AMFBeM (™)

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