Faith – Matthew 8:26

But HE said to them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” Then HE arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.

So many CHRISTians say often, “I need to have more faith.” But that’s not so; faith as small as a mustard seed will work for anyone. If anything; we need to decrease our faith in what makes our faith weak in certain areas. For example, here in this scripture the disciple’s faith was great in believing that the winds and the sea would overtake them. Their faith was in the storm. When their faith; should have been great because JESUS was with them on the boat. Nothing was going to happen to them. But they did not understand who JESUS was and that HE has complete control over all things. The same is true for us, we don’t understand who JESUS is and that HE has complete control over all things. Our faith operates most in what we have faith to see; when in essence, that’s not faith. Here is another example; there are still CHRISTians who put more faith in gambling / lotto rather than exercising their faith in JESUS to supply all their needs. They have no problem with being persistent in exercising their faith and will ask the FATHER to help them win with every ticket purchase. These are prime examples as to why JESUS said, “You of little faith.” It is not that our faith is small but that our faith is little in HIM who can do anything and great when it comes to things that we can see. Another reason why our faith is not being strengthened is because there are not enough people proclaiming what JESUS has done for them in certain areas of their lives. This is what testimony is all about. This is the type of conversation that we should be having; not conversation about non-sense that does not help build up the courage of our brothers and sisters in CHRIST. It does not take long to encourage and transform the faith of anyone. People’s faith is exercised day by day to do none spiritual activities and unfortunately the devil delivers but he also takes away. And when he takes from us we only increase what we did to get more of what we had. When our faith is exercised in JESUS towards spiritual activities we receive that and more; HE does not give us just what we need to satisfy us. The FATHER provides us with more than what we need and HE will never take from us because HE gives without repentance and HE is no respecter of person. What is it that you need the FATHER to do? Remember that we are more valuable than any other creation that HE created and yet HE sees that they are taken care of. Don’t allow your heart to doubt in GOD’s faithfulness, after all according to Ps. 37:3 we are to feed on GOD’s faithfulness. Don’t reason yourself out of a blessing from GOD. When we are tempted to rely on our self or other sources other than the FATHER ask yourself, “Where is my faith?” Meaning, what are we putting our faith in? Again, I remind you don’t second guess your faith; yes, our faith maybe small and weak in certain areas but that does not mean that small and weak faith is not operative. Remember, faith that is small as a mustard see *(.) will get the job done.

Mt. 6:30, 14:30-31, 16:8; Lk. 8:25; Rm. 4:20; * (.) this dot, an example of the size of a mustard seed.

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