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The righteous are free from sin and its sinful affections. Most of us don’t believe that for a moment because we still sing those stinking thinking songs that are supposed to be spiritual about how sinful we are. We don’t grab or gravitate towards that fact so we don’t trust that what JESUS did for us on that cross was enough to cleanse us completely and totally from the effects of sin and therefore we are holy as HE is holy. Because as JESUS is so are we in this world. We don’t read who we are but we read what we were in the bible. If we read the Bible at all. Most of us still live under the law and this is why we suffer because we can’t experience holiness by works, demands, rituals or conditions. JESUS stripped all that away from us when HE tore that veil into and when HE nailed each and every one of our dirty, disgusting and filthy sins on that cross when HE took them onto HIMself. And yet, we still don’t get it. We still don’t believe what we are doing is just saying by repeating what has been said in our hearing but we are not living a holy life in HIS freedom.

*You are holy because I the LORD your GOD am holy. *Be holy for I AM holy. *You people must be holy because I AM the LORD your GOD.  *You people are to be holy for ME; because I, the LORD, am holy; and I have set you apart from the other people, so that you can belong to ME.

Just reading the above scriptures from the Jewish Bible reveals to us clearly that we are holy because GOD said so. We often say if GOD said it that settles it so why don’t we believe it? To be holy is a lifestyle my siblings in CHRIST JESUS it’s not a holiday or just attending Saturday or Sunday service but a lifestyle of freedom in JESUS.

You know we may think that in heaven the sound that is erupting is all worship and don’t get me wrong praise, worship and singing fill the atmosphere. But what rings true we think that when we read how the cry of holy, holy is the LORD and HIS glory fills the earth is worship. But it’s not, it’s actually an acknowledgment and reminder to each one speaking to one another there as we ought to do to ourselves here that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD of host and HE is more holy than the holiest of holiness and that the entire earth is filled with HIS glory. It does not matter what it looks like this fact remains to be true. And you better know that holy is the LORD, GOD of heaven’s armies, the One who was, who IS and HE is coming!

So my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS never again say that you are not perfect or holy because according to the Word we are. It does not mean that we will not make mistakes that are sinful, they are just that mistakes when we do them unconsciously or unknowingly. But if we do them habitually knowing what we are doing because we like or love what we are doing, then we are living in either open or secret sin and it should be bothering us. But if not, then I think we need to check our relationship with CHRIST JESUS. I will leave you with this final verse and that is *you are to be holy because I AM holy.

Leviticus 19:2, 11:44, 20:7, 26, Isaiah 6:3, Rev. 4:8, 1 Peter 1:16

*Note – italics added by AMFBeM.

** Scripture reference from Complete Jewish Bible


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