JESUS Family pt. 2

The LORD GOD is just wonderful; I know that some of you without a doubt will find yourselves in the next group of JESUS ancestors. These people will give us all hope. 

Tamar /the daughter in-law of Judah the son of Israel; was wronged by her father in-law and played the harlot to trick him into sleeping with her. Judah paid her with his signet ring; staff and bracelets which she showed to him as proof of his being the father. She had twin boys; one of who stuck his arm out of the womb first and a red string was tied. The arm went back into the womb and the other baby was birthed first; this was a shock to the midwife (Gen. 38).

Perez / The twin son born to Judah and Tamar who was conceived in deceit. From him came the Royal lineage of David (Gen. 38:29; 46:12; Ruth 4:12, 18-22). 

Hezron / son of Perez; (Gen. 46:12).

Ram /son of Hezron; (1 Chrn. 2:9).

Amminadab /son of Ram; (1 Chrn. 2:10).

Nahshon /the Prince of Judah; (Ex. 6:23)

Salmon /son of Nahshon; (Ruth 4:20).

Though these individuals are not recorded as doing something noteworthy; we must stretch out our thought pattern and realize that they too had an important part in the oncoming of JESUS. The LORD GOD used these men also as the lineage of whom JESUS came through. Understand that you and others may think that you are not a history maker but you are. These guys may have thought the same but it was their seeds that produced a man who would redeem a woman without a country; who would hear of the miracles done for the Israelites by the hand of The LORD GOD and hide them; then become a believer. It was their seed that produced also the grand-father of King David. 

Boaz /the wealthy kinsman of Ruth’s first husband Mahlon. He redeemed her from the legal kinsman who wanted nothing to do with her; (Ruth 4). 

Rahab /the harlot who hid the spies that went to survey the land of Jericho that Joshua had sent out; (Joshua 2). 

Obed /son of Boaz & Ruth; (Ruth 4:21-22). The grand-father of King David. 

Ruth /the idolater of Baal which was the custom in the land of Moab. The faithful daughter in-law who refused to leave the side of Naomi. In the land of Bethlehem Ruth married Boaz who redeemed her and bore him a son Obed who is the father of Jesse the father of King David; (Ruth). 

Jesse /the father of David must not have liked him very much. He knew he was out in the field tending the flock yet we don’t read where he had care for David as he did for his other son’s. When the Prophet Samuel came to locate the new King; Jesse presented all but David. Samuel had to ask Jesse if he had another son and he flippantly replied about David; (1 Samuel 16:1-13). 

David /a shepherd; a musician; a poet; a worshipper; a warrior; a King. King David; returned the Ark of the Covenant; a deceiver; a liar; committed adultery with Bathsheba then had her husband killed; they lost their first baby; (1 Samuel 16-30; 2 Samuel 1-24; 1 Kings 1-2:10). [1&2 Samuel are full chapters; 1 Kings is a full chapter].

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