So many of us live our lives confessing that we are kings and queens but never actually live as such. Kings are clothed and adorned with a crown and possess regal power. CHRIST JESUS is our greatest example as to how we are to live our life so that we may obtain a crown from HIM. CHRIST JESUS has a crown that no man will ever be able to fully imagine what it looks like and the crown that some of us will be rewarded with likewise cannot be imagined. The crowns that we see worn by true royalty here on earth will never be able to compare to what some of us will receive in heaven. As children of the living GOD we must live with dignity and honor. CHRIST JESUS had HIS crown replaced on HIS head once HE returns back to HIS throne because of the complete and perfect grace of salvation HE completed for mankind.

The LORD GOD never completely takes HIS eyes off mankind, yes, it is true that HE cannot look on sin. And that HE turned HIS eyes away from HIS own beloved SON on the cross because JESUS had taken the sins of the world on to HIMself. Our creator GOD is in-love with mankind and HE is ever mindful of us all. Mankind is so lost that they don’t realize that we are created and just a little lower than the created angels of heaven. When JESUS came as a man, HE too took on this form and was just a little lower than the angels. HIS FATHER graciously cared for HIM and helped HIM, HIS FATHER also visited and looked after HIM. But we fail to realize that our creator GOD does the very same for us but because we are so far removed from HIM we don’t recognize that HE is speaking to us, that HE is helping us, that HE is nearer to us than our very breath, it is by HIS grace that we don’t drop dead instantly from some of the sins we actively participate in. There is nothing the FATHER of JESUS who is the living GOD will not do that HE did for HIS SON JESUS. It was only for a little while that JESUS was without HIS crown of glory and honor which HE is so deserving of. JESUS has been giving all authority over everything nothing missing. JESUS CHRIST perfectly suffered for us all to death and this is why HE is so deserving of the crown that HE wears. Some of the children of GOD who completely understands who they are in CHRIST JESUS that we are the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS, who rest totally and completely in CHRIST JESUS and allow HIM to work for us, who obey through the help of the Holy Spirit and who walk in faith and not by sight will be satisfied with the fruit of his character and integrity in CHRIST JESUS. These will be his/her holy thoughts because of his/her renewed mind in CHRIST JESUS and his/her actions will be evident what is in the heart that causes delight within.

To all my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we have a crown waiting for us to be given to us as the symbol that we have completed our tasks given to us by our FATHER. So that when it is all said and done as the crown is placed on our head we will hear well done good and faithful servant. Let us achieve in getting our crown and not forfeit it because we have not fully given ourselves over to CHRIST JESUS and to rest in HIM for all things.

Hebrews 2:6-7, 9; Ps. 8:4-6; Prvbs. 14:18


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