How does GOD see you?

1 Samuel 16:7 

At the beginning of the day; the middle and the end;
all that really matters or should matter is; how does GOD see you?

GOD does not judge us as we judge each other. GOD looks
directly inside our hearts. HE is the one that created us and placed within
each of us the potential to do great things. HE knows what we are capable of
and how it can be most effectively exercised. In the lead scripture notice how
GOD chooses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. GOD does not look at conduct
or position; GOD stares at the heart and of all the brothers who were passed
up; Eliab is the one that causes the most trouble. I think that Eliab was
jealous because he was overlooked and David was anointed the King. David came
down not to fight in the army but to deliver lunch. David asked the soldiers
about Goliath and Eliab’s jealousy rekindled. Eliab’s heart had a major
problem; his motives were not pure; his thoughts about his brother just stunk
in the nostrils of GOD. Remember, these soldiers had been there for awhile and
Goliath taunted them; the soldiers led by King Saul did not remember their
position under GOD and they were filled with fear. A child who was an outcast
to the field; tending sheep; forgotten by his own dad. Knew who he was in GOD
and proclaimed verbally who he served and what was going to happen. David did
not make a threat; he made a promise and the rest is history.

This is what we; the children of GOD must acknowledge
each and everyday of our lives. We must acknowledge who GOD is and proclaim who
we are in HIM with our words and conduct. Our hearts can be and will be possessed
with all the motives of GOD when we get into HIS Word and read as well as apply
HIS Word to our walk and talk of life. We are ordinary people who have the
ability to do extraordinary feats because of the strength in JESUS. 

1 Samuel 17:26-30

Romans 12:2

Ephesians 4:23

Philippians 4:13

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