Forgiven in CHRIST JESUS

2 Corinthians 5 pt. 2

If you are not born again you should have an unhealthy fear of the LORD GOD; it’s not accepting and believing in the LORD JESUS that places you in hell caused by sin. This is why true, blood washed and forgiven children of the living GOD are compelled to share the Good News about the LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS resurrection along with their testimony. We understand that nothing at all is hidden from HIS eyes and ears. The LORD GOD knows who we are individually; HE is aware of the good, the bad and the ugly. However, the question is this; do you know you as you really are? The LORD JESUS love compels us; One, died for all and that One is the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Knowing that HE died for all then all should die to self because HE died for all. Then HE rose from the dead for all; nothing we ever can do can repay for the debt that we are in for the loving kindness given to us by the LORD JESUS. And if it could be repaid; HE would not accept it because what HE did for us was by rising from the dead and stepping out from HIS burial tomb; is HIS gift to us and you never pay a person for a gift. You either accept it or decline it. All of us have done something rotten to others either by deed or speech; however if you know that the person who has harmed you is now your brother or sister in CHRIST JESUS. You should no longer hold those sins against them; we should no longer talk up who they once were; we should not live in the past because back there is filled with history, darkness, shame and turmoil. But the present is bright and anew; much like you. We are all anew in CHRIST JESUS; blood washed, forgiven eternally, seen by our FATHER drenched in HIS SON’s precious holy blood and because of this HE does not see the old you; the sins of the old creature. Everyday is the beginning of a fresh start in CHRIST JESUS. We have so much to look forward to because our past is behind us further and further away. I like this analogy; why is it that the front windshield is so large? So that we can see what’s ahead. Why is it that the side and rear view mirrors are so small to view from the back windshield? To see what we’ve passed by; what’s behind us. However, notice that we can’t keep our eyes on what is behind us because that will cause an accident for failure to see what is up ahead. This is how we are to approach our day to day living. Take a quick glance back when we need to for safety reasons but keep our focus on what is up ahead. All things come from our heavenly FATHER GOD through the LORD JESUS CHRIST who has restored us to HIMself. We also have been equipped with the ministry of restoration by telling others the Good News of JESUS CHRIST. As GOD’s ambassadors we are making HIS appeal and it has to be done through us. HE’s not going to come and speak on HIS behalf; HE has made it evident that we are restored to the FATHER through the LORD JESUS CHRIST; this is the message that must be spread. It was the FATHER GOD who made a sinless man HIS SON JESUS to become a sin offering on our behalf. For this we are truly grateful; that in union with HIM we share in the LORD GOD’s righteousness.


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