Walk in unity and worthy of the calling

Ephesians 4

All of us are not called to be in the governmental office of ministry AKA the fivefold ministry. However, all of us are called to minister; where ever we are employed; we can minister where we are. Tell your co-workers what the LORD JESUS has done for you; how you became an overcomer to that sin that you were in bondage of. Explain your hope in CHRIST JESUS and why only HE is the way to salvation. We are to all walk worthy of the calling that we are called to. If we clean toilets for a living be the best toilet cleaner anyone has ever seen because we are cleaning those toilets for our LORD GOD most high. Make an effort to keep unity of the Spirit; we have been called to this in hope. We have one GOD; HE is our FATHER and HE has given to us grace through the gift of CHRIST JESUS. Our hope knows that after JESUS ascended on high; JESUS led captivity captive and JESUS gave gifts to mankind. So, what does it mean to us so that we can explain to others about the ascension of JESUS? The Word of GOD informs us that JESUS had to first descend to earth. This same JESUS ascended back to heaven to fulfill all things. This has been perfectly executed; no one before JESUS and no one after JESUS had accomplished this task that was given to HIM alone. The next time JESUS descends from the far heavens will be to gather all of those who believe (the living) and believed (fallen asleep or earthly dead) in HIM; this is when we will be changed to look as HE does. We will have an eternal and glorious body. Now, what could those gifts be that JESUS gave to mankind? JESUS gave some to be apostles/emissaries (a messenger sent on a mission); prophets; evangelists; pastors and teachers. These gifts are known as governmental or fivefold calling. Each gift has a specific function or task to equip and build up the body of CHRIST. Because we have some who misuse; steal or take the gift. These people have caused much harm and made many anemic; sickly and killed because there is no anointing in what they have made up in their minds to do all in the name of Jesus and self. When we are given a gift by JESUS we are anointed to fulfill the task set before us. We live and breathe to do what we are designed to do. We are hardwired within our DNA before we were born to operate in this gift. The true gift holder will edify the body of CHRIST and we will become strong and stronger; we will grow and mature recognizing the SON of GOD to full manhood in the standard of maturity of CHRIST JESUS. The children of the LORD GOD are tossed here and there as we were when we were without hope. Our ears must be tuned to the one true voice who is our one true Shepherd; stop running to all these so called secrets; sending for prayer cloths that are to answer your prayers. These are nothing more than tricks set up for your immaturity in the Word of GOD; set up for your religion. This is why it is important that we have a true relationship in CHRIST JESUS. Grow up, grow up in CHRIST JESUS. Testify of HIS goodness and mercy and I don’t mean something stupid like; He woke me up this morning and started me on my way. We can clearly see that you are awake and it was your decision to set out and do what you wanted to do. We must stop making our large JESUS into our small Jesus. Stop living as we once lived according to the rules of this world and live according to the rules of heaven. Grow up and stop being so immature with our understanding dark and not much closer to the LORD GOD than we were when we rejected HIM. Stop being a muppet due to the blindness within the heart. When we are religious in God instead of being in relationship with GOD we will find ourselves slipping back into the filth and greediness from which we came from. This is a true indication that we have not learned from CHRIST JESUS. If we had and if we are we would have heard HIM as HE teaches us the truth. The Holy Spirit does not teach once a week but daily; witnessing about JESUS; this is His purpose. So remove that former conduct AKA the old man; bury him and never dig him up again. The only thing that old man will offer us is corruption. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind by reading the Word of GOD and communicate with HIM. Put on that new man created by the LORD GOD in true righteousness and holiness which is designed for you. Most of us are label conscience so show off your designer original; CHRIST JESUS. Stop lying and speak the truth always. It’s okay to be angry; the LORD GOD gave us that emotion for a reason. However, we are known to use anger improperly; we often mix anger with sin and this is wrong. So the next time we get angry take a moment to calm down then resolve the problem before the day end. Don’t go to bed angry because when we do; we invite the devil in and he will do nothing but make the entire situation far worse. If you are known to steal; stop! Find employment; work with your hands put yourself in a position to not only help yourself but others. No longer allow corruption meaning profanity or anything that does not build up the character of another to come out of our mouths. Speak encouragement or speak nothing. Do not cause the Holy Spirit to become sorrowful; He is from the LORD GOD and He has sealed us for the day of redemption. No longer are we to hold inside of us bitterness, vengeance, anger, evil speaking and the desire to cause harm to others. Now we are to be tender in our hearts and forgiving just as CHRIST JESUS has forgiven us.http://amfbem.me 

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