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August 4, 2020

The Holy Spirit makes it possible to see into heaven-Acts 7:55



Wow, this verse of scripture is teaching us how Stephen a brother that is seldom spoken of, who was baptized in the Holy Spirit and had his faith-full and strong in the fact that JESUS is the MESSIAH. And as he was dying after being stoned for remaining steadfast and unmovable in his faith toward CHRIST JESUS got to see into heaven. 

In my early years of being trained, I can recall being taught GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forever because HE did something in the lives of one as we read all the various accounts from the Old and New Testaments, HE will do the same for us. I am constantly reminded of this daily and that principle was taught to me seventeen years after my re-birth in CHRIST JESUS and seven years after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Much like Stephen as he was blessed because of his spiritual maturity in the anticipation to see and be with the FATHER so should we be. Much like Stephen, our hearts should be pure, having a godly character and integrity along with the courage to obey what GOD desires of us regarding our morality. So many people in America especially are quick to say that they are Christians yet, nothing about them reflects the character, integrity, or morality which comes from a pure heart that is given to us from CHRIST JESUS. Those of us who are pure in heart are the ones who will be with The FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, the Holy Spirit, and the citizens of heaven for eternity. Here is a promised truth, those who profess to be Christians and those who possess being CHRISTians will die but the promise is this that some will not die before seeing into the Kingdom of GOD. What does this mean? I believe that those who profess, yet do not belong to JESUS will die and never get to see the Kingdom of GOD as they slip away not only in the first death but the second which is far more brutal because it is eternal. But those of us who possess JESUS as we are slipping away in the first death we will get to see into the Kingdom of GOD/heaven and though our flesh has succumbed to death we are merely asleep waiting to be awakened when called in the resurrection that is sure to come. Wow, what a glorious image that is, to have our final sight be that of the Kingdom of GOD before going off to sleep in CHRIST JESUS.

Now, what exactly did Stephen see that we too will get to see before going to sleep in CHRIST JESUS? Stephen saw GOD’s glory which is the brilliance of the LORD that appears like a consuming fire. And what does a consuming fire do? It absorbs, engrosses, immerse, and involves with a burning passion that inspires as well as burns away anything and everything not like JESUS. This brilliance that shines from the inside out also causes us to have a burning eagerness for JESUS which kindles us to be ignited in our sharing of CHRIST JESUS and HIS Message. Also, Stephen saw JESUS standing at the right hand of the FATHER just as we are told in the scriptures. Wow, how cool is that!?

Now, we should know by faith in CHRIST JESUS that we are going to be resurrected into the air with JESUS when HE comes back for us because that is the promise that HE made. So, as we live our lives in victory because we are overcomers through CHRIST JESUS we should also not only keep a watch out for HIS return but we should also look to see if we can see into GOD’s Kingdom which happens during our expected time of expiration or our unexpected time which during this pandemic not to place fear in your hearts but as the scripture informs us we do not know what will happen tomorrow because our life is like a vapor that appears for a time then disappears. Or, do not boast about tomorrow because we do not know what tomorrow will bring. And finally, we have no idea what sort of life we may or may not have tomorrow. The worlds say it this way; tomorrow is not promised to us.

So, I hope that before you leave this earthly realm that you get to see inside of heaven, GOD’s Kingdom because I know that I will. After all, I am fully assured of this promise. This is my story and I am sticking to it.



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