Forgiveness-Luke 23:34


JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD and as born-again CHRISTians; we are the children of the Living GOD; having a right to address HIM as FATHER as well. FATHER is a title of intimacy and respect for the male figure who exercises paternal care of another. This is what the Most High GOD does in the lives of HIS children. HE has provided an inheritance for HIS kids; we have our needs met because HE provides. JESUS often described the LORD GOD as FATHER and when HE spoke with HIS FATHER; HE addressed HIM as FATHER. This is a demonstration as to the relationship JESUS had with HIS FATER; HIS confidence of being heard and to set an example as to how we are to describe; chat with and pray to our DAD. The petition of forgiveness to the FATHER from JESUS always begins and ends with the FATHER; we are to make our request known to our DAD who is faithful to hear HIS children when we speak to HIM and provide us with an answer. That answer will come in HIS spoken Word in the book of life; HIS voice speaking to us in our spirit or a natural tangible manifestation of what we can see, smell, taste, hear or touch. When JESUS asked HIS FATHER to forgive for they know not what they do. HE understood that they did not realize that HE is the MESSIAH. They did not realize that HIS mission was to come and die for mankind; that HE was to provide grace and mercy so that we would no longer have to suffer under the penalty of the law. JESUS knew that it was impossible for mankind to keep the law and that the law carried with it a curse of death. JESUS wanted HIS enemies; HIS crucifiers to be forgiven. JESUS wanted the sinners of yesterday, that day and tomorrow to be forgiven of sin. JESUS wanted those who sinned against the Holy Spirit who stood by knowing HIM to be the MESSIAH forgiven because they were ignorantly concerned in this. It was ignorance for them not to recognize HIM as according to prophecies concerning HIM because HE did not fit the expected mold that they had in their minds. JESUS did not use this prayer of forgiveness to wipe the slate clean; because if HE had that would mean that every sinner would have a pass and never be punished. HE just did not want this charge of crucifixion held against them because it was for this purpose that HE came. It is crucial that all sinners come to the realization that we can be forgiven of our sins when we come to the FATHER with pure and honorable motives of heart. Our heart is breaking when we come before HIM asking HIM to forgive us and that we realize that we need HIM in our lives to live our lives with zest; in truth; with power from the Holy Spirit. We understand that we must repent which means to turn our backs on sin; to look away and not give sin authority any longer in our lives. To acknowledge JESUS as the One and only person who paid an awful price for us and took all of our sins upon HIS own precious body; mind and soul. To become for us filth as we are in our sin. Yes, JESUS took on more than we realize when we sit down to think of the penalty of HIS charges we will not be able to acknowledge them all because sin is to vast to know in full detail. Many of us do not commit murder; yet it’s a sin that is within us but for the grace of GOD some have been able to live their entire life without committing this sin. Yet, it’s no less of a sin that you have committed. GOD does not value sin with levels; sin is sin and is punishable by death. The only way to escape the guilty verdict and the death penalty is to surrender to the FATHER through JESUS. Once we belong to JESUS we experience true life and eternal forgiveness.


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