Created, Creation, Creator, and Creature [a series]



Formed from nothing; caused to exist; produced; generated; invested with a new character; formed into new combinations, with a peculiar shape, constitution, and properties. GOD is the only One who created whereas man is the one who makes.

Romans 1:20; the things created; creatures; man; animals; the world and all that is in it; and the universe and all that is in it.

Ecclesiastes 12:1; GOD created; man makes.

That which is created; every being beside the Creator, or everything not self-existent. The sun; moon and stars; the earth; man; animals; plants; light; darkness; air; water; and etc., are the creatures of GOD.

Who created everything? GOD also known as JESUS; John 1:10. It is unknowledgeable; prideful; and ridiculous to believe otherwise. GOD is the One who created man and HE did so in HIS likeness. When we are washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS we should be able to look in the mirror and see the reflection of CHRIST JESUS because HE will now reside within us. Females, this is especially for us. When we degrade ourselves by our character and integrity; by what we wear and how we speak as well as trading in the affections for a man to be with a woman. We slap the face of the One who created us. Men; this is especially for you. When you degrade yourselves by your character and integrity with how you choose to dress inappropriately and believe that it’s the style or cool. What you are showing is that you don’t consider yourself to have great worth. When you refuse to work where there is legal employment regardless of the pay and spit out excuses that there is no employment for you; you are lying to yourself. When you disrespect women instead of taking your rightful place to pronounce who the women in your life are such as your mother, sister, aunt and female cousins; and your wife; the one that you are to produce with; provide for and protect. You exhibit that you don’t have a clue what your position is to be. You are not a man just because you have a penis; you are a man because you take responsibility for your life and all who are connected to you especially your wife and children according to how GOD designed man to be. And finally when you trade in the natural affections that you are to have for a woman to lay with a man; you too are slapping the face of the One who created you. Man, you are Adam; man-primarily the name of the human species; mankind; appropriately the first man; the progenitor of the human race. Each time GOD breathed out HIS breath HE created something good.

We must remember the One who created us and we must cease from calling GOD mother nature or believing in the big bang theory, and I’m not meaning the television program. GOD who is the LORD is our reference of CHRIST JESUS. HE is the One who created everything and HE is the One who redeemed us so we no longer have any reason to fear. HE calls us by name because HE knows us; that is if we truly belong to HIM by the washing and renewal by HIS blood. Those that belief by faith in CHRIST JESUS will come far away from that dark life of sin we will come from the furthest part of the world to whatever is considered close in this world to be HIS sons and daughters. We will bear HIS name; we are created for HIS glory; yes, CHRIST JESUS is the One who formed and created us. Know this to be true; CHRIST JESUS is the One who created the earth; HE is the one who created mankind; with HIS precious hands; HE is the One who stretched out the heavens and all that is in the heavens with names and numbers. CHRIST JESUS never created anything for there to be chaos but for HIS treasured humans to live in peace.

 Know that we all were created by one GOD. But we don’t all have the same FATHER; if we did we would not break covenant with HIM. This is why it is so very vital that we are returned back to our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS in HIS death and resurrection.

Why is it so very easy for mankind to believe in lies? It’s because we serve the father of all lies; we are engulfed in the life of sin and we are not aware of this fact until we have been introduced to the Truth. The Truth is CHRIST JESUS each time someone speaks of HIM or when we attend a worship service or for those who have not been taken out of the darkness and placed into HIS marvelous light; we try to read the Bible only to become frustrated because we don’t understand what we are to know. Our eyes are blind; our ears are deaf and our heart is black with darkness and is surrounded by an impenetrable wall that we throughout the years have built. The only One who can destroy that wall and bring light to our heart is CHRIST JESUS. When we know the truth we will cease in worshipping all created things. But rather we choose willingly to be convinced that nothing that has been created yesterday, today or tomorrow will be able to snatch us from the love of the One who created us from GOD that comes through HIS beloved SON, CHRIST JESUS who is the LORD. Men take your rightful position because you were created by GOD to be the head of women not her dominator.

Man and woman were created by GOD and when we come to CHRIST JESUS we are in eternal union with HIM. In CHRIST we will live a life of good actions because we follow the directions of the Holy Spirit who teaches us who we are in CHRIST.

When we are truly renewed in CHRIST JESUS who created us to be renewed and to take off everything that is not like HIM who created us we will express with our willing effort to be righteous and holy which flows from the Truth.

CHRIST JESUS is supreme because HE was not created but HE is the One who created all things. All means all; everyone and everything no matter where its location is. Whether we see or don’t see what HE created it’s there. And anyone who has a title or position JESUS is the One who created it to be so; our efforts has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Man and woman know that you were created by GOD and nothing that GOD makes are not good; you are because HE said so. We must stop rejecting one another. The LORD our GOD is worthy of glory, honor, and power because HE is the One who created all things it was because of HIS will that everything and everyone came into being. Even the angels in heaven know that CHRIST JESUS is the One who created and with lifted hands they praise HIM.

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