There are so many things that we brag about or will like to brag about. Self-worth, our family, friends and so on. Of all the ostentatious things we love to display when we speak regarding our property; where we work/live/were educated or our actions; we can never take credit for our personal salvation. That glory can never be taken away from CHRIST JESUS no matter how we try. It’s not a problem to reveal one’s pride orally when it comes to the achievements that our children and grandchildren achieve nor any other member of our family as long as it’s not done out of vain pride. After all the FATHER demonstrated HIS very own pride towards HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS when HE said audibly to those that witnessed HIS glory during HIS baptism by John and when HE was in the company of Moses and Elijah. “This is MY beloved SON in whom I AM well pleased”. “This is MY beloved SON. Hear HIM”!

When JESUS CHRIST demonstrates HIS saving grace towards us it’s not because we have thought, said or done anything worthy of being saved by HIM. Actually, it’s HIS favor, goodwill, kindness and appropriately HIS unearned love for us from GOD which is the spring and source of every benefit that we receive from HIM. Instead of us continually thinking of ourselves as sinners when in fact due to our faith and confession in and of  CHRIST JESUS we have obtained the FATHER’s divine and favorable influence by HIS Holy Spirit in renewing the heart and restraining us from sinning. We have the application of righteousness and we are no longer sinners. We are reconciled back to the FATHER. It is only through the Word of GOD in obedience that we receive spiritual instruction as we are improved and edified. We are pardoned and receive eternal salvation from CHRIST JESUS; so how is it possible that we believe that the works we do are the instruments by which we receive salvation to enter into heaven? We must have faith in CHRIST JESUS first before obtaining the salvation that is our eternal gift. There is nothing that we will ever do or have ever done that is considered anything other than our faith in CHRIST JESUS that we can boast about pertaining to our being saved through CHRIST JESUS. According to the Law of Moses, we cannot boast, everything they did and had to adhere to pertained to works. However, there is a law that we are to live by and that is the law of faith in CHRIST JESUS. Let’s look at it logically for a moment; when we get up and report to our place of employment are we expecting to receive grace every week or two or are we expected to receive the debt that our employers owe us in the form of money? Money of course, because if we are not paid by our debtors how are we able to pay those we are in debt to by the use of money to such as the utility companies; transportation; schools; mortgages/rent; food and credit cards. We are never to work in the hopes of receiving GOD’s grace we are to simply believe in CHRIST JESUS completely because HE is the only One who justifies us to the FATHER. And it is our faith in HIM that is accounted as righteousness. So, let’s recap; we can’t boast in our works because it is not by works that we are saved in CHRIST JESUS. It is through HIS grace that we are saved and able to boast.

Ephesians 2:8-9; Rom. 3:27, 4:4-5, 11:6


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