Where is your hope?

1 Peter 1

According to the dictionary; hope is the expectations of where we center our attention. Who or what do you center your attention on? How often do you remind yourself of the love that you have from The FATHER and JESUS? How often do you remind yourself of the price paid for your sins? How often do you remind yourself of who you are in CHRIST JESUS? These are just some of the questions I am willing to ask only because I think that they are central to this blog. We did not start out in the enemy’s camp; there was a time when we belonged to The FATHER. But the enemy got his hands on us and as with all things that the enemy has his hands on; there is chaos. When Adam sinned the glory that was once on man was removed and we became like the devil; full of darkness and wickedness because we now have a sinful nature. However, the LORD GOD was not surprised and has always been ready for the devil and his devices. The LORD GOD through HIS abundant mercy made away to get us back to HIMSELF and there will be no going back to the enemy once we have returned to our Creator. JESUS The CHRIST is our Living hope through HIS resurrection from the dead. Because of this we now have an inheritance that is incorruptible and undefiled that does not fade away from us which are preserved in heaven. All of us who have heard the call of GOD through the Holy Spirit and answered by faith in JESUS are kept by the power of GOD. Our salvation is revealed and we rejoice because we have been through so much in this world. Our faith is precious and is often tested by the fire; however, we come out without the stench of burning sulfur. We are found to praise, know honor and give glory to the revelation of JESUS CHRIST. Though we do not see HIM; we love HIM anyway. We believe in JESUS and we rejoice in HIS glory for we received by faith the salvation of our souls. The prophets of the Old Testaments asked and searched diligently and they would prophesy about the grace that would one day come. This would have been impossible for them had they not had the Spirit of CHRIST on them from time to time. They told long before HIS birth that HE would suffer and that HIS glory would soon follow. They were not saved because JESUS had not been born and crucified but they were still filled with the faith of this blessed hope. Now, we live in the time of grace because of CHRIST JESUS. We now are to learn how to believe and trust in the fullness of CHRIST JESUS and not to trust our own understanding. The Holy Spirit was promised to us all and is with all who ask for HIM to come and live inside of them. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us power to do and HE teaches only those things that pertain to JESUS. This is why we must be sober minded and not double minded; we must rest our hope fully on the grace that has been brought to us through the revelation of JESUS CHRIST. We must glorify CHRIST through our obedience and not return to the conduct that we were once known for. We are to be leaders and not followers in this world. We are the only Jesus that many will see and if we are speaking and doing as those who do not have a relationship with JESUS does; how can they get to know HIM? Our former conduct was in lust and ignorance; our new conduct is in holiness because JESUS is holy. In all things we are to go to our FATHER; HE does not have partiality with any of HIS kids and HE judges righteously the work and conduct of each. Remember that none of us were redeemed with a corruptible seed like before from our natural fathers. We have now been redeemed with an incorruptible seed; without sin because the blood of JESUS is sin free and we now carry HIS DNA. JESUS was in the beginning before the foundations of the world; through HIM believe in GOD who raised JESUS from the dead and gave JESUS glory so that our faith and hope are in GOD. Our souls have been purified in obeying the truth through the Holy Spirit with sincere love and to love our brothers in the faith with a pure heart. We are born again not of corruptible seed but incorruptible through the Word of GOD; who lives and lives forever. http://www.about.me/amfbministry

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