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October 2, 2020

Pray in union with the Holy Spirit-Jude 20

We speak in union with the Holy Spirit because we are deeply rooted in the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. By this, we become increasingly established in our faith in JESUS because we are being actively built up in HIM. What we have been taught should bring about gratitude which overflows.

Because of our enriched relationship in the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit we are easily able to encourage others especially our siblings in the faith of CHRIST JESUS so that we can build one another up. After all, no one does not prosper from being encouraged be they non-believer or believer in CHRIST JESUS.

I have an opinion that I will like to share. This opinion is that many of our siblings who do not believe in speaking in tongues or better yet phrased, the Holy Ghost is because they are number one; unaware that speaking in tongues is actually the Holy Spirit speaking through us in a language we do not comprehend. Meaning that we have never studied for those of us who speak American or British English we may not have studied Japenese or the various dialects of Chines, Hindu, and other various languages of the world and it goes as well for those who do not speak any other language but there native earthly tongue. And, number two; we are most often taught or we have read only one translation of the Bible and never discovered that in the original text the scripture is written “Praying in union/with the Holy Spirit. To pray in union means to unite, to be in agreement, harmonious. And, to pray with simple means to be in the company of, connection, mutual, partnership.

This is why I believe as well that it is better to pray in union/with the Holy Spirit. We cannot help ourselves with ourselves when we are weak. Sometimes, when we are honest with ourselves, whatever we may be going through is so difficult that we do not even know how to pray. I have found that though we know not to be overly concern about matters that affect our lives, that sub-consciously there are things that we thought have no effect on us or our families. We have questions that are not being addressed when we notice cracks and because we are left unaware of brewing problems those cracks become breakdowns and meltdowns. When we have the Holy Spirit living within us He will search our hearts and will speak those things that we do not know how to communicate. We are not always aware of how or what to pray/speak about to the FATHER but the Holy Spirit does. He knows what we have need of and this is why we should rely on Him to intercede on our behalf. We muck things up by being too wordy, believing if we speak in a language that is no longer used any longer depending on the translation of the Bible that we read or if we try to sound a certain way that this will move GOD to listen and adhere to us. I have even heard my siblings in CHRIST beg for things and this is a no-no. Our FATHER loves us, we are the apple of HIS eye so we have no need to beg HIM for anything, I believe that begging is a sign that unbelief is there when we speak. Also, we must have full knowledge of every word that we choose to read and speak. The definition of some words carries multiple definitions and we should not use a word without understanding its fullness.  In our focal scripture depending on which translation of the Bible you prefer, the word “groaning” is there. Here is the full definition of this word according to the eight-teen twenty-eight Noah Webster dictionary; [1] to cry out, to breathe with a deep murmuring sound, to utter a mournful voice as in pain or sorrow. [2]To sign, to be oppressed or afflicted, the complaint of oppression. Now of these two definitions that I have provided, number one is the accurate depiction of what the Holy Spirit does when we allow Him to pray and we pray in union with Him. Most of the time when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak it is because we are in dire need of help for ourselves or for others. The more frequent that we allow the Holy Spirit to pray and we along with Him, we may pray for a better understanding of what and how we need to be as we continue to mature in all things JESUS. To help us in our unbelief in certain areas of our life be it an illness, a pain, to resurrect our loved ones from the dead, and so on.  We have been told in the Bible of all the things that we can do and yet, we keep going to the FATHER asking HIM to do what HE has already placed within us to accomplish. The Holy Spirit will only speak on behalf of us according to the will of GOD. He knows the will of GOD but we must be in the spirit of willingness to learn [have a teachable spirit] the will of GOD.

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