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Ha, maybe the last thing anyone wants to know how to do is to gain especially us Americans who seldom take the time to cook fresh healthy foods. And have a tendency to eat unhealthy snacks or fast food be they take away like McDonald’s or microwave meals. However, the type of gain I will be focusing on is worthwhile. The possession of CHRIST JESUS.

All too often we are consumed by how we can gain more money, clothing or other material possessions. But what would life be for us if we would consume ourselves with being possessed in thought about the FATHER and JESUS? Finding out who we are in HIM, what HE desires for us and what we have through HIM. And as we grow in the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS as we take on by faith what HIS Word instructs us we begin to throw off the old ways and take on the new. As we settle in we discover that in this life we are truly living and that we are actually not missing anything but rather have gained in CHRIST. Daily we die to our self and live in CHRIST JESUS, do we error sometimes? Sure we do, however, we discover that we are not living a daily life of sinful actions and each day we discover more liberation through JESUS. This is what we have gained in HIM. JESUS is becoming our source of joy and our reason for living. The assurance of knowing that we will one day see HIS face and be with HIM eternally.

I’m the type of person that is not satisfied with anyone who states that they believe in god. I need to know the name of their god. Why is this? Because even demons believe in GOD but they do not obey HIM, the god they obey is their own satan and he is a type of god. So to profess to be a Christian and not living and to obey the Word is lying to yourself. A true Christian is godly in character and integrity, they not only believe in the FATHER but the SON/JESUS as well entirely. The lifestyle of a true Christian is not controversial in the kingdom but it is in the world because the world hates us. However, because a true Christian is godly we are content with rest and satisfaction in our mind because of JESUS. Our confidence is based on GOD’s sufficiency and not that of our own.

Is this not worth the gain?

Philippians 1:21, 1 Timothy 6:6


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