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Honored, dignified and exalted to glory is what the FATHER did when JESUS came to earth. When we honor and exalt JESUS we dignify the honor and exaltation of the FATHER.

When we look to JESUS the FATHER is being glorified and it’s continual. It is through the Son who is CHRIST JESUS that HIS FATHER is glorified. Men who are fathers may understand this from the moment you are told that you are the father of a son. The seed continues and the name continues, the father will instruct in love to his son throughout his son’s life how to be a moral and productive citizen in life. Father’s teach their son’s how to be men who are respectful and respected, who take control of their responsibilities, who work to provide for self and family and who protect. This is how a father has glorified from father to son over and over again. For the father, his delight is in his son. For the FATHER, HIS delight and pleasure are found in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. So, if we want to know how GOD is glorified we need to know that we must adhere and listen to HIS SON, the CHRIST.

John 12:28, Matt. 3:17, 17:5


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