GOD’s Spirit gives power and love

2Timothy 1:7

It’s common opinion that CHRISTians are wimps who never have any fun because they are afraid to do anything that isn’t absolutely safe and dull. GOD does not intend for us to be afraid of living life to its fullest and trying new and daring things. For example skiing; mountain climbing; bowling; picnics; movies and such. On the contrary; GOD gives us a spirit of power; love and a sound mind. A sound mind in JESUS does not lead us to doing anything that is against the will of GOD. A sound mind and the Spirit of the living GOD that dwells within us; will alert us when we are about to do anything that is harmful to us and will bring displeasure to GOD. GOD desires that we be strong; able to handle the pressure of life and responsibility. GOD has given to us a spirit of love in everything that we do because love sets people free. Everyone needs to have people around them who will encourage them. GOD also gives us a spirit of discipline; as we renew our mind to the will of GOD; we are disciplined in what we say or do. This is not a spirit of fear but of discipline; there is a huge difference. The Word of GOD saturates our mind and controls our thinking. We will find GOD producing an order in our ability to analyze moral and spiritual situations as we determine what it is that we do.

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