GOD can do anything

Jeremiah 32:17

When Jeremiah prayed the prayer that you read in the above scripture; he had reason to care about GOD’s ability. He was in jail, accused of treason. Jerusalem was being attacked; there was no food and no hope for deliverance. In other words he was in a jail within a jail. Many of us are in situations where we can relate to what Jeremiah went through. Being in jail or prison does not always consist of bars; brick and cement. The enemy imprisons us within our thoughts and what we speak. We are blinded to the goodness that we are to experience in JESUS. Being poor; in gangs or surrounded by gang activity; becoming a parent before you are mentally and financially responsible; having a job that you do not have a passion for; experiencing a marriage by your parents that is not loving or your own marriage; being a slow learner even living with depression; anger and so on; all are types of prisons.

Now because Jeremiah understood that nothing is too hard for GOD; he did not command GOD to remove him from where he was or have a self-pity party because GOD was allowing him to experience these things. Instead Jeremiah learned to function where he was; he kept speaking to GOD; praising GOD; worshipping GOD and relying on GOD to do what looked impossible from a normal stand point. The same must be true for us. We must not give up on GOD
because HE definitely has not given up on us. We don’t realize it because we don’t like it but we are learning who we are in GOD during our time of being uncomfortable. When GOD delivers us out of the dark we have a testimony to offer to others because we know that human effort was not involved. We don’t have a choice as to the parents we receive but we have a choice to honor and respect them regardless; for some of you, you may need to do this from afar depending on the hell you may have had to deal with. We don’t have a choice as to the community we are to live in as kids but because you were born in a community that is not favorable does not mean that the community was born in you. We don’t have a
choice about being born in poverty but we have a choice to remain there; we are not to give in to where we are but we are to advance from where we are to where we want to be. It is far better to advance in JESUS than without. The majority of poor people believe that being wealthy will solve all of their problems; well that can’t be true because we must take a look at the wealthy. Being wealthy without GOD in our lives only creates unwise decisions for our lives.
GOD is a wealthy GOD and it is HE that provides power to obtain wealth and being one of HIS kids mean that there really is no reason to be looked at as poor. However because of the mind-set and not knowing who JESUS is and who we
are in HIM we struggle. We are or have been in prison inside of prison because we have made bad choices and are living with the consequences. Don’t conclude that GOD doesn’t care about you anymore. GOD doesn’t always bail us out of our
messes right away. HE gives us freedom to choose, and HE doesn’t take away our freedom when we suffer. HE takes us very seriously as individuals. What GOD willingly does is suffer right there with us and build us into strong
CHRISTians. There is nothing too hard for GOD.

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