What is it that we choose to hide? We hide those things that we either consider very precious to us or those things that we are ashamed of. We hide our valuables like jewelry or money. Some of us hide the fact that we made purchases that we either cannot afford at the present time or will hide relationships that we have no business in. Just what is it that we are choosing to hide in our life? Is it godly, does it bring harm or do we become better because of what we chose to hide for that moment? Because everything that we hide will surface eventually.

As children we all have read about treasure, maybe it was the treasure that a pirate was seeking after. How he and his crew would have to sail the seas for months just to get where the X was on the spot so they could dig for that hidden treasure. Today, if you are a nature channel observer or an avid reader of various literature, maybe you’ve come across a book that shared about treasures of gems and where they are located and how they are excavated. Because precious gems are always hidden and never ever exposed so anyone may easily view them. Then there is the little girl who grows up and should be taught the value of her worth and how her most precious and valuable treasure is hidden for only her husband.

But beyond all of this is the greatest treasure of all which is the Word of GOD which is to be hidden in every heart. The Word of GOD if truly hidden in the human heart will prevent a true lover of the Word of GOD from sinning against GOD. A true lover of the Word of GOD who has the Word of GOD hidden in the heart will listen to the voice of GOD as HE speaks to the spirit of man consistently of JESUS. And as the Word of GOD speaks within the heart of mankind, mankind will ponder, mull over, repeat, consider and examine the importance of what is being spoken and taught within the spirit. But those who do not have the Word of GOD hidden in their heart but it’s on top of their heart meaning they may be able to recall to remembrance when they have sinned against GOD may not turn from that thing they do because they love what they do. That’s their treasure not the Word of GOD. Those are the people who find it irksome to want to be in communication about the things of the LORD JESUS. Those are the ones who are more eager to know about the things of this world rather than speak the Word for themselves and the lives of others. And those are the ones who will avoid you because they may deem you too holy because the Word of GOD is hidden within your heart and GOD’s morals are evident within your lifestyle.

Many of us may have been told some wonderful things that will occur within our lives and they may not have appeared as yet. And because they did not happen when you expected or wanted you may have thought that the person was blowing the sunshine in an area where that cannot happen. But you missed an important part and that is to hide what information that was given to you and seek GOD for clarity. Mary and Joseph were told some things while JESUS was incubating, being expected. But after the birth of JESUS, Mary and Joseph was given this message by some wise men. JESUS Is the “Savior, who is CHRIST the LORD (the MESSIAH)”. That message was told to the wise men by the Angel of GOD/ Angel of the LORD who was the pre-incarnate of JESUS (Is. 9:6 & Jdg 13:9-22). This is awesome because as a student of the Word of GOD you would know that JESUS appeared throughout the entire Bible and spoke to people face to face, HE sat down and ate even. But we have to find HIM and how we find HIM is to be in a relationship with HIM and HE will lead us toward where HE was and who HE was with and what HE spoke as well as what HE did. So it is my strong belief that just before his precious mother thrust HIM from her body. JESUS spoke to the wise men to give them the direction of coming to the manger in Bethlehem with a message for HIS beloved parents. Glory be to GOD in the highest! And in the wise men travels the pre-incarnate JESUS became the incarnate JESUS. Hallelujah!

Sometimes, it’s better that when we are given the treasure to hide them within our heart and just ponder over them, seeking out clarity and being prepared by GOD through JESUS. Then there are times when we in the natural have a treasure that must be hidden we need to learn to keep our mouths shut and go before GOD and seek HIS face before making an important decision. After GOD through JESUS give the go and everything is set then reveal the treasure. We lose our treasure most times because of diarrhea of the mouth, the Bible calls it casting our pearls before swine. Pigs love slop they don’t appreciate anything, they will trample everything you place in its way and this is what happens when most of us place our treasure that should be hidden until GOD say it’s okay to reveal to the public. Stop allowing people to assassinate your dreams, goals, hopes and visions. Get JESUS into your heart, for an intimate relationship with HIM seek first the kingdom of GOD and allow all hidden treasure to be added to you.  

Psalms 119:11, Lk. 2:19


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