Matthew 11

I often wondered why John the Baptizer would send two of his disciples out to question whether or not CHRIST was legit or not. What often made me question this was this fact.  John did not send his disciples out to ask JESUS but the CHRIST. JESUS is the person, CHRIST is HIS authority. The only conclusion that I could come up with is that John had been in prison so long that he wanted to make sure that this person who is doing these works actually is the one whom he baptized in the Jordan; that this person really is his MESIAH and that HE really is his cousin. When the disciple asked; it was wonderful to my reading that JESUS did more than just answer him but wanted him to go back as a witness to what he had actually heard and seen by the workings of JESUS CHRIST. It had to have been wonderful for John to hear from his disciple that CHRIST was really on the scene living out the promises made. And what were those promises?

1.     Blind see.

2.     Lame walk.

3.     Leapers cleansed.

4.     Deaf hear.

5.     Dead are living.

6.     Poor in spirit have the gospel.

Then JESUS assured John’s disciple that those who are blessed are those who are not offended because of HIM. Also JESUS exalted John; (Elder Shawn’s paraphrase). John was not double minded/crazy; he did not wear the latest fashions; yet he will live in the palace of the KING. John is far more than a Prophet; this is how little we see of him. Look, John is MY messenger who was to prepare you for ME. Regarding women of the past, present and future who has given birth; there is no one who has risen greater than John the Baptizer. Now I must admit; I don’t completely understand what JESUS was saying to us here. JESUS was born of a woman and in my book there is no one greater than HE. So if we look at it this way; maybe JESUS was giving us an example as to how we are to think more highly of others than we do ourselves. What humility. There have always been wars and these wars have always had one thing in common “faith”. Those that serve a god that is not alive will war against those that serve a living GOD. These wars are no longer a combat of the military but the combat of the soul. Heavenly angels are in constant combat with demonic angels regarding our souls. And we too are in constant combat; we will never please everyone; we will be accepted or rejected. Look at JESUS they said that HE was a glutton and an alcoholic; a friend to all mankind regardless of their position in life. First of all we must remember that JESUS is a Nazarene and it was forbidden that HE cut his hair or consume wine. Secondly, how can we reach people if we don’t go where they are? HE did not go into the dark places, creeping around; what HE did, HE did out in the open for all to see. It’s HIS compassion that transformed the hearts of the tax collectors who were very cruel men who stole from those who had nothing more to give. This is why we have tax refunds today; all year around we have taxes taken out of our wages and at the end of the year we file those taxes and receive a wonderful piece of paper called the refund check. This is the extra money you paid out all year long. When we do one thing and say and think another we will be known by our works. JESUS did; said and thought justification towards all at all times and HIS works spoke volumes. I witness daily many people who know just who to go to when they are in need of help. The church is a place of refuge and we are to help those in need. This is what I have witnessed:

1.     People will call a ministry where they know help is provided to get their rent paid.

2.     People will flock to a ministry during those seasons when food is passed out so that your family will enjoy a festive time together.

3.     People will come and ask for prayer and receive their answer.

The list can go on; but what I want to get across is that within those three that I listed; people will always promise to attend a ministry service, yet will never darken those doors until they are in need again. JESUS is not a pimp nor is HE our personal escort. We need to be careful of what we do because we can fool many people but we cannot ever fool the LORD GOD. JESUS is an open invitation to come back to the LORD GOD through HIM. I believe just as JESUS thanked HIS FATHER while HE was here on earth; HE still thanks HIM while HE is seated at HIS FATHER’s right hand. I am in agreement with JESUS; if we want what the LORD GOD has then we must acknowledge that JESUS has it all because it was the LORD GOD who gave it to HIM. I did not know the LORD JESUS at one time and I will never know as much about HIM as I may want to before going to heaven. The same with the LORD GOD but JESUS knows all about HIM. I am so happy to know that JESUS wanted to show me who the LORD GOD is and I have been ever changed with this knowledge and I am ever changing because of HIS knowledge that HE gives to me. So I too will like to ask anyone who is reading this blog to do what JESUS had once asked for the first time while HE was on earth and what HE has been asking from that day until know. Come to JESUS anyone who is tired, exhausted, drained by life because JESUS will give you rest. Take and tie JESUS around you so that HE will lead and guide us from one place to another because HE does not pull us; HE is gentle and merciful in heart and we will all be rested in our souls because of HIM. JESUS will not push, pull or drag us to do anything we do not want to do but I promise you that when you decide to follow JESUS you will be rested; no more looking over your shoulders; no more running from anything or anyone. (Elders Shawn’s paraphrase of JESUS invitation to join HIM)

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