GOD gives Grace to the humble

James 4

Is being humble to mean that we don’t realize what our contribution is? Nope. To be humble is to know what our contribution is without being arrogant and proud about it. To be seen yet not seen and to be heard yet not listened to. Being humble is to be in a position of being exalted yet not allowing it to overtake us and not willing to bend down to bring others up. Being humble is to give and give without believing that in all your giving you will be looked over and another will be promoted. Being humble is to be the better choir singer and never being given the solo, yet you don’t sing for recognition you sing to give GOD alone the glory. Being humble is to be unrecognized in all you do, yet you continue anyway. Being humble is not about self promotion; boasting in your abilities or waving around until someone finally sees or hears you. Being humble; is to be satisfied knowing that GOD sees and hears all and the efforts that you provide are not unnoticed by HIM and that you are being rewarded by GOD as HE sees fit. Being humble is to be like the energizer bunny; you keep going and going and going. http://about.me/amfbministry


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