You know children of the living GOD are no different than children of our natural parents. When we know that we are in the wrong, we go into hiding. It comes in various forms of which I choose not to go into, however, we inherited this trait from our father Adam. And just as FATHER GOD asked Adam where he was, not asking as if HE did not know where he was because, after all, HE’s GOD of the all-knowing and HE’s everywhere, so what can we hide from HIM knowledge wise and where can we hide from HIM location wise? But it was to get Adam to locate where Adam was and it’s the same for us. Our FATHER just wants us to always to becoming ever nearer to HIM and likewise, HE will do the very same to us. Distance is not what HE wants between HIS children and HIMself. Now, as far as for sinners, the unrepentant, those who have not believed, received the gift of salvation of JESUS CHRIST they must be washed clean in the blood of JESUS, they must have their hearts changed from sinfulness to purity and have the mind transformed from being double minded.

So how do sinners  wash their  hands, how do sinners cleanse themselves of their sinfulness?  The fact is of ourself we can’t but we can take a step toward JESUS the only One who can clean us totally clean of our sinfulness by washing us in HIS sinless blood. And by doing so where there was once darkness within in there will now be light, where there was once death there will be life, where we were once powerless we will become powerful because we will now take on the name of CHRIST which carries HIS anointing. Everything HE did, we can do, everything HE has, we have, and we lack nothing. So everything that does not feed your spirit man with encouragement, with vitality, with health, with love, with joy, I think you know where I’m going here. Our spirit man must be protected at all cost from the evils of this world so it is up to us to keep as many negative influences out of our ear and eyes gates as possible. We must not volunteer to surrender our body to do evil of any type.

We must be CHRISTian which means we show the world how CHRISTians behave, this will pull the world towards us. It’s not our words that get them to come to us, it’s our behavior. It’s our attitude, demeanor, integrity, and character. We must show the world that we are a loving people and we ourselves need to stop saying that it’s not easy to love these folks. Because we are correct if we are trying to do so in our own effort but we are not loving anyone in our own effort, we are loving people from the heart and mind of JESUS. We are ever mindful that we are not perfect and that we mess up too and that we are not as loving as we like to think we are and yet, JESUS gives us grace for grace and a brand new mercy every morning. We need to stop being hypocrites because the world see it and what they are saying is true and they are hurting and in dire need of our help. We are the ones who have the answer but yet we are keeping them out. The LORD GOD is good and HE must be stuck to us and we must be stuck to HIM like gum on the bottom of a shoe on a hot summer’s day.

Children of the living GOD we have been given a commandment, that commandment has a purpose. Love. We are to Love from.

  • A pure heart; free from moral defilement, genuine, free from guilt.
  • A good conscience; instantly approves or condemns.
  • Sincere faith; pure, relationship

You know because we live in the world, evil lurks all around us but that does not mean that we have to participate. When your family is having a get together attend have fun but if there is a lot of drugging and boozing going on leave without making a scene. Always look, search for peace go after peace consistently.

Grace is with everyone who loves the LORD JESUS CHRIST in purity.

James 4:8; Is. 1:16; Rom. 12:9; 1 Tim. 1:5; Ps. 34:14; Eph. 6.24


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