GOD gives us strength

Isaiah 40:31

What people face in the world is enough to drain the most enthusiastic person; if that person relied completely on his/her own strength. Has anyone besides me ever rushed into a decision without seeking GOD first? For me the outcome was disastrous; nothing good ever comes from being impatient; rushing into decisions that could end badly. Here is an example; had I not been an immature hopeful romantic and full of low self-esteem. I would not have gotten married to my first or second husband. However in my disastrous mistakes two powerful life changing blessing came from those marriages. The first marriage produced the world’s greatest children and the second pushed me into my deliverance from GOD. Because of this it is impossible for me to be bitter; maybe because of my character I would not have been bitter anyway. I have always had the ability to see the good in most things. For me I know I walked away with great treasures that I may not have gotten had I not made those mistakes in my life. GOD knew I was going to do what I did so HE provided an escape for me through my children then through HIMSELF. I also learned that I can’t accomplish anything using my own strength. I need to depend and lean on GOD to instruct me in my daily life. People face decisions everyday; these decisions can be life changing. Are you looking to purchase an automobile or house? It would be better to discuss this over with GOD before placing yourself in debt. An automobile or house should not bring unhappiness; the car helps to make our life easier by getting us from place to place with ease and without relying on others to take us where we need to be. A house is to be made into a home but if you are anxious about the home owners insurance; the repairs and the mortgage why bother. Rent and take the stress off of you. When you are mistreated and you tell others about what has happened to you; you may hear that you did not deal with the situation in a manner in which the person that caused you grief will not soon forget. But GOD sees and hears the injustice that you have gone through and it is better to do what GOD instructs us to do than to handle things in our own strength.

Most people have heard about the eagle and how it soars; but notice several other attributes that an eagle has that we as humans can learn from.

  • Birds of a feather flock together; eagles fly with eagles.

People need people but we must be aware of who we associate ourselves with. Are we encouraged and strengthen by our peers or are we discouraged and weakened?

  • Eagles are focused and have strong vision.

When we stay in the presence of GOD; we will see HIS blessings and we will recognize the enemy when he comes. Can you recognize when the enemy is using people be they your loved ones; co-workers; strangers or friends? Are you focused on the vision GOD has given to you or are you focused on your own vision; which may cause a negative outcome?

  • Eagles do not eat dead things.

Death can be found all around people; in conversation and activity. If you are participating in dead conversation either by listening or speaking you are exhibiting the eating habits of a vulture. If what you do does not express the love of GOD towards yourself and others you are exhibiting the eating habits of a vulture. Life and death are in the power of the tongue; love is more than a four letter word it is an action. Listen to what you and others are saying; is there life or death near you. Watch how you treat yourself and others; watch how others treat you. Look for love.

  • Eagles love storms.

I do too, always have; storms have an ability to calm me. But weather storms are not what I want to focus on. Everyone faces storms in their lives, they are known as stress. Most people do not handle stress well and the outcome can cause great health problems or our reaction towards others that is negative. An eagle will fly above a storm and just soar on the clouds and glide. We also have this ability; when the storms of life come and try to overtake us; we are to run to GOD; HIS Word is what we fly towards and as HIS Word takes us higher; we will soar and glide above those storms and realize that it was not as bad as we thought. As we are soaring and gliding JESUS is telling the storm in our life to be quiet/still.

 GOD’s endurance never fails; we can rely on HIM to give us the strength we need in our body, mind and spirit. Allow GOD to show off HIS strength in you today; you will be surprised at all you will accomplish because you trusted GOD in HIS strength and not your own.

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