GOD is with you

Deuteronomy 31:6-8

We have a dilemma; better known as tragedy. A serious
heath diagnosis; family or friend killed by a stray bullet; marriage in
trouble; unexpected or unwanted pregnancy or the many other responsibilities
you believe that you can’t handle. You are not alone; you are not the only one
experiencing trouble in your life. Sometimes GOD allows negative situations to
occur in our lives so that we will come to HIM. We take matters in our own
hands; moving to the right, left, forward and get knocked back; were boxed in.
So there is no other alternative for us but to look up. This is where we bump
into GOD. Anyone who finds themselves constantly boxed in; is in these
situations for various reasons; rebellion, ignorant to a negative outcome or
like being where they are. 

Joshua a competent military leader and assistant to
Moses faced a dilemma. Joshua was to take over where Moses left off; he felt
the job was too big; that he could not handle the pressure. GOD’s advice to
Joshua appears three times in Deuteronomy 31 and Joshua 1. The advice is “Be
strong and of good courage”. In other words I AM with you; I will never leave
nor forsake you.

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