Rest for the weary


The above picture is a type of yoke used to this day by workers. Notice how all the weight is on the persons a shoulder; the person tries to balance all that is being carried. We are not designed to carry weight there; when we carry weights here we will eventually suffer from headaches; neck discomfort; shoulder; arm and backache. Left unattended we will eventually begin to suffer in our hips and legs. If you can see the workers face; notice how she does not look happy to be totting what she has in her pails because this is heavy and difficult.

This type of yoke is basically used on animals; you may find this on oxen or any kind of large beast as they pull something. Also this is the best type of yoke to visualize when we hear or think about what GOD’s Word warn us against “do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers” 2 Corinthians 6:14. When yoked together both must go in the same direction; it does not work for one to go one way and the other to go in the opposite direction. When we link/yoke ourselves to JESUS we allow HIM to teach us HIS ways. We sit; rest and move in HIS authority; we trust that when we surrender all that we are to HIM we will find that in our learning GOD is patient with us and does not get angry if we do not catch on right away. When we link/yoke ourselves to JESUS and we decide that we don’t want to go in HIS direction; HE will not pull us HE will simply stop and not move; we are not strong enough to pull HIM; so all we do is wear ourselves out and become exhausted. The yoke used on animals or inmates in prison is not the same yoke JESUS is referring to. HIS yoke is gentle; JESUS said that many will be deceiving (Matthew 24:5). Commit yourself to serve HIM as your LORD and the service becomes a joy. Only when we become tired of trying to direct our own life will we place the yoke of JESUS on us and get the rest that HE alone will give to us from our own useless efforts. When we allow JESUS to carry all the weight of life that we have it is HE who will balance the load with ease because it is HE who has the ability to carry the load of HIS creation without any stress or strain to HIMSELF.

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