GOD never fails us

Lamentations 3:22-24

Children of GOD; when we reflect on our lives, we are amazed at what GOD has come and rescued us from. If we tell the truth we were being consumed by sin and our choices. GOD is so very compassionate and for those who have walked with JESUS for many years; you still can’t understand the greatness of GOD’s compassion. Each and every morning we face a new compassion towards us; believe it or not we need HIS faithful compassion. We practice walking in righteousness and we don’t plan to sin but the reality is that there is a very small margin that we just may slip and fall. Sure it will be unintentional but it may happen and if it does GOD’s compassion is right there to pick us up dust us off and point us back in the right direction. See our hope is not in our ability to walk according to the will of GOD; our hope is in GOD who is able to keep us from falling. GOD will and can do only that which we allow HIM to do. One way to experience the newness of GOD’s compassion is to spend time with HIM in the morning. When I used to be employed I found that spending time with GOD in the shower and while driving my car was a great place for me to just
focus on HIM. In the shower I would praise HIM; thank HIM and sing to HIM. In my car I would just talk with HIM and when I got to work the people and the job did not overtake me. It is essential that we start our day with GOD first; then
we can face all the activities of our day. I suggest that you don’t settle into the habits of others when they suggest to you to get up during the hours of 3:00am–4:00am. You may not be a morning person and this maybe the twist that
the enemy will use on you to cause you to fall and think yourself unworthy to be a CHRISTian. Because you find it difficult to get up before the roosters; that way of life may not be for you. GOD did not design you to conform to the
ways of man but to HIS ways. Remember GOD is compassionate and HE will never fail you; I just suggest that you get into the habit of finding that alone and quiet time to spend with GOD during the mornings before your day begins.

It helps to spend time with GOD before you have to focus on the kids; your spouse; your home responsibilities; your job or school.  Once you begin this habit it will become a lifestyle that you will not want to live without. Get ready to experience GOD’s new compassion which only HE will provide every morning.

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