Peace for the troubled heart

John 14:27

The peace of GOD does not produce the absence of conflict in our lives; however, the ability to cope without being shaken and stirred. Life will continue to pressure us; to squeeze in and encircle us with its daily problems and struggles. In pursuit of peace and harmony we may run away from the strife or push ourselves beyond our point of endurance to make things right. Whatever our circumstances, GOD desires us to know and experience HIS peace. As we walk in harmony with GOD, we put our trust in HIM regardless of the outcome. As each day unfolds we can seek to change those things we are able to change; accept what we have no power to change and leave the final result in the hands of GOD. On August 23, 2011 for the first time in my life; I experienced an earthquake. I passed the test because at no time did fear try to enter into my residence and keep me company. My spirit man went into automatic overdrive and began to praise and worship GOD. That day’s events were a wake-up call to the church I believe more than to the non-believers. We must stop playing church and get out of the act of religion and form a true relationship with JESUS in every area of our lives. Too many believers allowed fear to overtake them and they were in the mix of running from the danger when in reality they were running into the danger. Our trust in GOD must be that regardless of where we are and regardless of what maybe going on around us be it seen or unseen; be it understandable or not that we have peace in our hearts and that GOD knows where we are and HE will protect us. Had that earthquake been the cause of major destruction and or death; could you honestly say without doubt that you were ready to go? I had never experienced anything like that before in my life; yet I know that after that test; I am ready to join my FATHER in heaven because all that I am was focused on HIM. My mother was at the movies to see the Planet of the Apes; she thought that the shaking was special effects as the movie was coming on. She has the peace of GOD residing within her. Other patrons ran out not knowing what was going on; she was left alone yet GOD was with her. The workers of the theatre saw her there after everything had settled and asked her had she known that we just experienced an earthquake. She replied no. She was asked if she wanted to leave the money would be returned to her in full. She replied no and that she will like to continue watching the movie please. No humans on the premises; movie projector still rolling; just she and GOD watching the Planet of the Apes. How awesome is that? GOD’s peace in our heart; I tell you there is nothing like it.

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